Friday, October 20, 2006

Joey Cora

I heard that Joey Cora is in the running for the Manager's job for the Nationals. I, for one, would be very glad to see that happen. Joey was one of my favorite M's players from the mid-90's. What he didn't have in physical ability, he made up for in shear determination.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Been Awhile, Sorry

I have been away for awhile, not because I don't like the M's, but because my life has not let me have the time to write here.

I'll try to be back around the Hot Stove league.

Until then........................

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


I was just thinking that if we could play the national league for the rest of the year, we could end up with a fantastic record by the end of the season. Now with the All-Star break over with, on Friday we go back to the same old grind. We start off with a trip over to Toronto to face the Jays.

At this point I'm a little worried, what with the performance against the Angels before the break started.

I just want the team to stay above .500, like I wrote before, anything after that will be gravy. If we can stay above .500 this year, and then make some good acquisitions by the start of next season, I see this team making a good run next year.

For now....I just want some sweeps, with us holding the broom this time.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Five for Five

Richie Sexson had the Padres' name today. In fact he single-handedly took my MLB 2006 Open fanatsy team up and over my head-to-head rival to win the week.

The offense is looking really good right now, I guess with the warmth of June comes the warming of our bats.

Speaking of warm, our team now heads back to the Arizona desert to face the Snakes. All I have to say is stay hydrated, keep the sweat out of your eyes, and hit the ball.

San Diego

I just wanted to point out that Fairly has no idea of what he's talking about as far as The City of San Diego goes, or at least it's landmarks.

The Marine Base that Ron refered to by the Airport, is actually MCRD San Diego, not Camp Pendelton.

Could it be?

Could it be that the M's have undergone some sort transformation, and become a stealth contender for the AL West leader?

The Mariners are dominating these games against the NL teams. It makes me really excited, yet it also makes me quite cautious as well. Everytime I get excited about these guys they turn around and start playing like crap again.

I just hope that this is some sort of turning point for the team. As we sit right now we are only two games from a .500 record thus far. That .500 was my goal for the season, anything after that is gravy for me.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


I read an interesting article today in the P.I. about Beltre's trade to the M's. If you ask me Adrian needs to fire his agent, if he already hasn't.

Adrian wanted to STAY in L.A., period. He developed a good relationship with the fans, had a latino fan base, and just really liked where he was. Again.....he wanted to stay.

His agent had other ideas. His agent also represented JD Drew, and wanted Drew placed on the Dodger's roster. But, the guy knew that if Adrian was there, the team would not fork out the $$$ for both men. So...........Adrian 'asked' for too much money, and the highest bidder won, or did we?

Did we get stuck with an unhappy player for last year, just so an agent could get his man into L.A. at Beltre's expense? Could that explain why Adrian's BA went into the toilet last year and part of this year? It could explain why his hitting actually increased during the WBC.

I think Adrian is getting more comfortable in the Emerald City now, his new place in the Line-Up has improved his hitting and OBP.

Tonight maybe a homecoming of sorts for Adrian, but I think he'll realize his new home is alot greener.