Thursday, June 30, 2005

Build it, and they will come.....

I could have told you the outcome of the game before it started. I'm beginning to wonder if there is any sense of team in that clubhouse at all. Even if a guy gets a base hit, how often is he left there wondering if he will be brought into homeplate. Or, does he simply resign himself to the fact he will be left hanging out to dry.

I don't pretend to really know what it takes to manage a MLB team. I just know that the current plan does not work.
Ten years ago this team, and the fans saw a 'miracle' happen. 'Refuse to Lose' was the catch phrase of the day, and people in the PNW actually discovered that Baseball was being played nearby. Now, ten years later the Mariner front office is trying to exploit that feeling to keep the seats filled. Nostalgia is thick in the air, with Bobbleheads, and other assorted memorabilia bearing the likeness of players long gone from the roster, being being handed out. The management realizes this team sucks. We fans know the team sucks, yet is anyone doing a thing about it?

'Build it, and they will come.' A line from an celebrated movie from almost twenty years ago. If the Mariners were smart, they would write off the season, cull out the herd, and start the build for next year. I, for one, would not stop being a fan, in fact I would embrace such a move.

.235/13.5 GB

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Tail Spin

It started out well enough, Zito pitching and Ichiro at bat. Ichiro takes one pitch for a ball, and the very next pitch knocks the ball deep into right center for a home run.

Now for the bad. That one yard was the only score the M's had. Time and time again runners were left stranded. Moyer didn't even last 4 innings, so we didn't have any play on either side of the ball.

What is it about the Athletics that makes the Mariners choke on their sunflower seeds? Do we need some trained professionals in the dugout ready to administer the Heimlich at the drop of the bat?

I get so darn frustrated when there is obvious talent there, but just none able to step up when needed. I realize my usual target has been Boone. Tonight it was not just Boone's fault. Every single player that was on that field tonight had a hand in the loss.

The Seattle Mariners are not a contender this year. I understand that, and so do the realistic fans out there. If I were GM I would unload the deadwood, and start the build for next year. If I were the Manager, I would let every player on that team know that if you don't produce, you will be benched, no matter how big your salary. I know many clubs play the money because they figure if we are going to pay the player that much, he better play. I for one believe if the player isn't helping win games, then it doesn't matter if he sits on the bench, or plays. The end result is still the same, in my eyes.

.238/13.5 GB

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

AL West update

After the win yesterday by the Angels, the M's are officially 12.5 games behind.....can we get a break here?

Elephants in charge

No, I'm not speaking of the A's mascot. I'm speaking of Brain Trust currently at power in our nation's capital. I really don't want this to turn into a political Blog, but this pisses me off to no end.

If there is anyone out there that actually reads this they (the one person that reads this) knows that I have chosen the Nationals as my National League team. I am a diehard Mariner fan, but being all the way over here in sometimes sunny Florida, I need something to root for (almost) local. I could never really be a fan of another AL team, so I had to pick one in the NL. Since the Nats hold their spring training just a few miles from my house, I figured there as good as any other. Plus, I just cannot bring myself to root for any team here in Florida. This decision by the way was back in '04 when the Nats were still the Expos. I figured my early youth was flooded with the likes of Hockey Night in Canada, Mr Dressup, and The Beachcombers. (Most of our TV Stations were from British Columbia before cable came to town.) so, I may as well pick a team from Canada. Who knew that the team would end up in DC? I like the new uniforms, and the name, but I thought the Monuments would have been better.

Anyway, back to what is pissing me off................

The Republicans (a few, to be fair) are threatening to revoke the Anti-trust exemption from MLB if George Soros, a notorious anti-Bush man, if there ever was one, is allowed to buy the Nationals franchise from MLB. Here is the story on the Washington Post website, it requires registration if anyone is interested.

WTF! Is that all about? I will be really honest with you, as little as a couple of years ago, I was a Republican voter. But, the events that have happened since they acquired a majority, and the White House has really changed my mind. This is just one more example of how nasty they can be, and I for one am tired of this shit.
Why is our country so polarized? Have any of you FOX news junkies actually realized there is no such thing as a 'liberal biased media'? It's all a bunch of hooey! The news networks are there to make money....I'll say that again for the stupid.........The news networks are there for the money! The networks sell air time to advertisers, the advertisers tend to put their ads where the viewers are. Have you ever wondered why the very same News Corporation that gives you 'Fair and Balanced' news channel, also gives you that cesspool of a broadcast network (FOX) with some of the raunchiest programs on terrestial TV? It's about the money!!!!! And all of you buy into it every day. We (that's all of us) need to come back to the center of the aisle and work together for the better of OUR nation)

Are we really going to allow congress to dick with MLB because they don't like a prospective owner? Does anyone else see how ridiculous this is? I'm quite sure that these jack-asses in Congress can spend their time and energy on more important war, poverty, and tax reform, right?

I'm sorry for this, I promise it won't happen again for a long time. Now back to our regular rants and raves for Mariner Baseball.

Monday, June 27, 2005

Trade Rumors!

It looks the GM Bavasi is going after some trades. The following players are suspected to be the trade bait.

Randy Winn.....rumored to have been offered to Houston for a pitcher, trade was declined.

Jamie Moyer.......not likely, good record but entrenched in Seattle.

Brett Boone........For cryin' out loud YES PLEASE!!!!!! Word is he is like in San Diego, and did show off his abilities there this past series.

Prostate Cancer

My Dad was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer last Thursday, and he told me about itlast night. He is damn lucky because they caught it really early. In fact when he was in there for the physical, and it was time for the finger wave, Dad had a uncomfortable look in his eye. The Doc said "I can check it out, or you could end up dying from Cancer, because I didn't, it's up to you." Dad was checked and the Doc found a lump. How Prophetic was that?

It sounds like Dad is going to get the radioactive Pellet inserted into the Prostate. I told him at least he wouldn't have to turn the bathroom light on during a middle of the night pee session.

Well now I need to get checked yearly too, ...............damnit.

Go get checked, it's no joke!

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Late inning rally

Close, but no cigar for the boys today. In the ninth Winn gets aboard with a single, and Brett 'Rally Killer' Boone comes on and hits into a double play on the first pitch. Now, Brett I understand that you did a good job at the plate today with a single home run and an RBI. But, haven't we been talking about patience at the plate, and taking that first pitch? I'll give you an A for effort, and a B+ for performance today.

I do have a question for Grover. Why would you give Ichiro the 'day off' and then let him pinch hit for a guy that is hitting .395, especially when Ichiro is only hitting .293?

We lost the series, but at least the one that the M's did win was one that they could be proud of, and really the losses were not that bad, in fact they have been pretty close games.

Sure I criticize Boone and Hargrove a lot, but you know when a man is being payed nine million to produce, and he doesn't, then he opens himself up for the criticism. As far a Ol' Grover goes, well lets just say, that I like it when teams actually take chances, and live a little.

One more observation before I go. Has anyone else noticed that the only Boone highlight reels that the Mariners have on their website of late have been defensive plays? Since his offense has been offensive, maybe that's the only way that they can promote him for a trade. (I know todays highlight will show plenty of his Offense, since he actually produced.)

Next stop........Oakland.......oh crap.

.237/12 GB

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Pesky Peavy

Who would have thought that somone named after a logging tool would be such a successful pitcher in MLB. I guess that is why I have him on my fantasy team.

I can't really blame the batters today for they tried really hard. I won't even pick on Boone during this post. This guy Morse is really hot, not in the sexual way, though I'm sure there are some ladies out there that would disagree with me. But, I'm not here to talk about who's attractive, I'm here to give my perspective on the games, and how the team is doing. (Boy, that sure was off topic.) Anyway Mike Morse is hitting better than any other rookie in the month of July. This guy is going to 'be someone'.
I think Pokey may be looking for a new job next season. Because Morse is looking good in his defense, as well as his offense.

They used Lopez as a pinch hitter this game, for one of the pitchers, he hit into an out, so that didn't go very well. I have the feeling this guy is a position player and needs to be played everyday, to keep his bat warm. Maybe Grover would consider platooning Boone and Lopez. He could always start Boone, give him the first three at bats. If nothing happens bring in Lopez, and give him a shot for at least one or two at bats in the game. Would it hurt to try?

We did made another accomplishment today, we landed right on our collective asses into the AL West's last place spot. Anyone else's butt hurt? The worst part is that we go into another series with Oakland after this, after the last series I don't have a very good feeling about this.

.233/11 GB

I am somebody!!!!!!!!

I have been linked to another blog! I feel like Navin from the Jerk, when he was listed in the phone book. I just wanted to say thanks to Paul, from . Nice Guys Finish Third. Yes, we do think alike. :)

What just happened?

Why can't these guys play like they did tonight, defeating San Diego 14-5, all of the time? Hell, I'd settle for part of the time. It's almost like the M's play all, or nothing.

Gil Meche broke it out with a single RBI, not bad for an AL Pitcher. Maybe they should use him as a PH every once in awhile. The Fourth Inning saw Richie Sexson with a two-run Homer, and Morse hit a Triple with an RBI.

Brett Boone, yes the same Brett Boone that I've been griping about for awhile now is actually showing that he had some life in his bat. He was one Home Run away from the cycle tonight, with three RBI's, three hits, and three runs, and one walk. Whatever the man had tonight, I hope he can keep finding it. I really hope that this was not some sort of fluke. My only Boone bitch tonight was the play at home plate during the wild pitch. But, all in all I would have to give the game ball (Football reference) to Boone tonight. Keep bringing that average up so you can be good trade bait.

.233/10 GB

Thursday, June 23, 2005


Is anyone else sick and tired of losing to mediocre teams? Is there any fire at all in the Mariner's clubhouse. Is the smell of ben-gay on the bench affecting the eyesite of our hitters? What is the F-ing problem?

Do we need to replace Don Baylor, the hitting coach? It's quite obvious that his short course for Boone was a complete failure. By the way Boone, you play for the fans just as much as you 'play' for everyone wearing that uniform.

Let's face it you fail everytime you come to the plate. Why don't you be a man and ask to go down to Tacoma for awhile to get your head straight. If you are as concerned as you play off to be, you would do the right thing, and give Lopez his shot. I just have to wonder if you feel guilty cashing that fat check knowing that you have the worst Batting Average on the team. Nine million this year for a has-been. It's not 2001, and we should have traded you two years ago. It's almost expected that runners will be stranded when you come to the plate. Is that part of the deal that gave you the nine million this year. Here is an observation of mine.....quit hitting for the fence. You don't have it in you anymore.....try for the single. It works for Ichiro, why can't it work for you? Is it your ego? For someone that is going to be a free agent at the end of the year, you aren't exactly making a good prospect of yourself. Maybe Lou will feel sorry for you and invite you down to Tampa. That's if he doesn't get out of there, and go to NY and take Torre's spot. I wish to God he'd come back to the Emerald City and make it happen.

Anyways, in conclusion it seems that the following needs to happen;
Don Baylor gets fired,
Boone goes down to Tacoma,
Lopez takes over 2nd Base,
Bring in some GOOD pitching.

I'm just sick...................

.224/10 GB

twelve innings

But we won. You know Sexson's numbers really don't do him the justice he deserves. The man is the epitome of clutch. Seems like when we get backed into these situations. Richie comes up to the plate, and makes it happen.

I have a serious bone to pick with our current manager, Mike Hargrove. He has this problem that he takes with him to every team he comes to, and it is driving me crazy. The man is scared to go with a rookie, he just won't give it up to the younger guys. You watch Spezio gets better, and Reed is gone. Pokey gets better, and Morse is outta there. It sucks. He just did it to Lopez, the kid is showing great promise, and is reliable behind the plate. BUT, Boonie feels he can hit now after a few days off, with some 'serious' batting practice. The man came back and produced one hit, and nothing the rest of the game. In fact I think the scoring official messed up and forgot to adjust his BA for one of his at bats. I do believe he should be a point below his current average.

Hargrove did the same thing in Baltimore, in fact he was criticized regularly for it during his tenure there. You are 9.5 games out of first place. Quit being so damn 'safe' and take some chances. Seattle likes to celebrate this as the ten year anniversary of a great team. Well why not live in the NOW, and play to win, use some strategy for Pete's sake. You have the talent, you just need the balls to use it.

.227/9.5 (makes me sick)

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Thrown out

Richie Sexson and Grover were thrown out of the game for arguing against an obviously low pitch for strike three. It didn't take long for Richie to get tossed so I imagine he was using some rather colorful language in his argument. The Skipper came in and he didn't last very long before getting throw out as well. But, he stuck around long enough to get his point across. The best part was when the bucket of practice balls got a free flying lesson onto the field, as Richie was on his way back to the clubhouse. That must have fired up his teammates and the crowd quite a bit because the M's came back out in a fury to defeat longtime nemesis Pedro Martinez. Good job boys!

stats same as yesterday (Boonie not playing)

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Shut out

I didn't get to follow the game at all last night. Things here at work were really hectic. Instead I had to look at the boxscore, and read an article or two. But it looks like we will have a new 2nd baseman for awhile. Boone is going to get some one-on-one training from Don Baylor the hitting coach. From what I understand Boone will start hitting with a tee, and moving toward taking pitches. Basically starting over, to find his swing.

Ichiro hit a three run homer, and we won 5-0.

.227/8.5 GB

Friday, June 17, 2005

It took them 13 Innings

For the Phillies to beat the M's last night. It looked to be a very close game. I just wish we could get a winning streak longer than three games, let alone two.

I get so damn mad watching these guys take a swing at the first pitch. Be patient, for crying out loud try to get the edge on the pitcher, quit trying to be a hero and end up looking like a turd, because of your impatience.

I was so frustrated that I dropped Boone from my fantasy team after only one week of no production at the plate.

You guys need to put Pedro Martinez down today early. He was an AL pitcher for years, so their shouldn't be much problem for most of you. Grover wake your team up!!!!! I hope you haven't just given up on the season, ten years ago the M's made it to the playoffs in just such a position. Play smarter!!!!!!!

.231/8.5 GB

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Another notch in the belt.

Ichiro's hit number 1001 in the Majors was a Home Run in the first inning. What a way to start off his way to the next thousand hits!
I think Brett Boone may have some more slump time left. Damn, I wish I had not aquired him for my Fantasy team. I thought he was heading in the right direction while in Florida and a little bit in DC. Maybe if he would get a little more patient at the plate and take a strike, instead of trying to be the hero.

Mike Morse is awesome. Did we aquire him from somewhere else? Or, was he from our farm system? I cannot believe that Valdez was given the job over him, at the beginning of the season. This kid is going to go places. I just hope he sticks with the M's unlike our other famous ex-Shortstop, A-Rod.

We are leading this series with Philly, one more game to go, and then it's the Mets.

.230/8 GB

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

We Won

The boys came through on this one. It was a good game from what I could tell. This game also carries another signifigance for me. It keeps the Nationals 1st place buffer intact. I know the Nationals just swept us, but as I stated earlier the Nationals are my NL team. For the record, during the last series between the M's and the Nats I did root for the M's.

.235/* 9 GB

*In the lost post I stated the from now on I would be adding how many games out of first place we are. This will be in addition to Boone's BA.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

The Lost Post

I tried to post a nice one last night, and Blogger ate it......argh!!!

Mariners are playing as I type, We're leading 2-0!

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Lost again

I think I may have made a mistake on my fantasy team. I dropped Brian Roberts, and added Brett Boone. I figured maybe Roberts had peaked, and Boone may still come into his own in the coming few weeks. Who knows, I had a trade and used it. Well we lost to the Nationals again, this time 2-1.

I really hate not being able to watch these games. Gameday does the job, but it's not like watching the game live or on TV, you know. Oh well, I'm lucky to be able to follow it at all I guess.

My wife has started to read this, probably the only one besides me that is. So, I just wanted to say I love you very much Missie, and I appreciate what all you do for me and our four beautiful children. I know I'm a pain in the butt most days. I just want to say thanks.


Saturday, June 11, 2005


Apparently the Bullpen (Villone and Hasegawa) had some problems keeping it together. The whole game fell apart after Pinero was taken out of the game after only eighty some pitches. The heat and humidity was wearing him down. Oh well all good streaks must come to an matter how short they are.


Friday, June 10, 2005


Well Beckett was nothing to be scared of. In fact Sele pitched a shut-out and the offense came up with some big hits.

Thursday, June 09, 2005


Well we are tied up with the Marlins so far in this series. Dontrelle Willis wasn't as scary as I thought he might be against the M's. After all they did get eleven hits in the ballgame. That's three more hits than Florida was able to come up with. Plus, we only lost by one. So it was a close game, and I'm happy with the performance our team put forth. Tomorrow we pit Sele against Beckett. The Nationals didn't have many problems beating Beckett, and I think the M's can pull it off too.

C'mon guys only eight games out of first place.......RALLY CAPS!!!!!!

.246 and climbing!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 07, 2005


Later today the M's take on the Marlins for some interleague play. Since both Beltre and Sexson came to us from the National League, maybe we'll see some of what the team is paying these guys for. Not that they aren't contributing now, it's just not the numbers that we've dreamed of seeing.

It's too bad Miami is so far away, I'd love to catch a game in person. I really wish I would have taken the time to go over to Tampa when they (Mariners) were over there. I haven't watched a Mariners game in person since 1998 at the Kingdome with my wife and oldest son. We had a great time, except my wife kept thinking we were going to fall out of our seats and onto the field. If you have ever been in the nosebleed seats at the Kingdome you would understand.

Something unrelated to the Mariners, but still in the MLB world is a video of Alter Bridge on stage with a couple of the Red Sox . It was recorded not long after the Sox won the World Series. (Wish we had the kind of chemistry the Sox have.) Alter Bridge is made up from the remnants of the band Creed. They have a few good songs and you should check them out.


Sunday, June 05, 2005

I heard it on the Radio

I finally was able to listen to the majority of today's game with the Devil Rays. We won the game 6-5 .

The local ESPN radio station happens to be an affilliate of the Devil Rays Radio Network. Imagine my surprise when I was driving to work tonight to hear the M's playing a ballgame. I thought I might luckout and the game would be on the PAX channel, they carry some of the D-Ray games.

I must also confess that I have also become a fan of the Washington Nationals. You see they hold Spring Training right down the road from my house. (about five miles). I never had a chance to watch any of the ST games this year due to my work schedule. But, I have kept up with their games and standings as much as I have the Mariners. Of course here in the coming week or so. My National League Team, and my American League Team will be playing each other. I can only root for the M's during that series, because it seems wrong to root for anyone else. Although since I hold Johnson on my fantasy team, I will be pulling for him during his at bats. (I need the points)

I think Brett Boone may have found one of those pouches that Pizza Guys have that keep your food warm, and is storing his bat in it. Because for the first day in a long while his bat came alive and seemed to be warm all game long. Congrats Brett..........keep it up!


Hansen Saves the day

Dave comes in the bottom of the eighth to pinch hit for Bloomquist, and singles, scoring Sexon, Ibanez, and Boone. Through a throwing error he somehow makes it all the way to third! (only to be stranded)

Grover, please be a little more proactive with your pitching staff. When we see them getting a little tired, let's pull them out and get some fresh guns in there without leaving a potential disaster, like what almost cost us a loss tonight.


Saturday, June 04, 2005

The longest at bat

Devil Rays v Mariners game 1

It's top of the 6th. Green is up, with a man on second. Sele pitches a total of thirteen times to him. Seven, count seven of those were fouls. Imagine that in one at bat seven lucky people were going home with a cool souvenir.

I'm going to start a new addition to each of my gameday posts. I'm going to add Brett Boone's Batting average at the end of the post so we can all track his progress for the rest of the season.

Oh, and wouldn't you know it, I finally can afford to put Ichiro in my Basic Salary Cap Fantasy team, and he slumps.........


Thursday, June 02, 2005

The Rookie

Jeremy Reed is going to be awesome. While many of his veteran teammates have been struggling this past month, Mr. Reed has been getting his share of the hits. With a .312 average in May alone, and an overall average of .274, I'd say we have the makings of a future star.

In the month of May the club went 9-18. That is the worse in Franchise history, including the 1979 M's. As the weather warms up maybe the bats will too. If they don't maybe it's time to give some of the more of the young talent in our system a couldn't hurt the record any.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

We Win! 3-0

It's been a few days since my last post. Sorry, spending some time with the family!

Tonight the Mariners won! I cannot really watch or listen to the games, so I view the game through Gameday through Gameday shows you the pitches, and gives you the plays, through a short delay. I'm going to try and get the audio that goes with it. Hearing Dave Niehaus again will be really nice.

I'm beginning to wonder how effective Brett Boone really is on this team. Tonight he was caught stealing, and got caught at homeplate in a double play. He was lead-off that inning, and made a triple. There was only one out with Reed batting, and he went for it!!!!! Why not just stay put? You were on third for crying out loud!

I'm very happy the M's won tonight, but there are still changes in the line-up that need to be made.