Thursday, June 16, 2005

Another notch in the belt.

Ichiro's hit number 1001 in the Majors was a Home Run in the first inning. What a way to start off his way to the next thousand hits!
I think Brett Boone may have some more slump time left. Damn, I wish I had not aquired him for my Fantasy team. I thought he was heading in the right direction while in Florida and a little bit in DC. Maybe if he would get a little more patient at the plate and take a strike, instead of trying to be the hero.

Mike Morse is awesome. Did we aquire him from somewhere else? Or, was he from our farm system? I cannot believe that Valdez was given the job over him, at the beginning of the season. This kid is going to go places. I just hope he sticks with the M's unlike our other famous ex-Shortstop, A-Rod.

We are leading this series with Philly, one more game to go, and then it's the Mets.

.230/8 GB


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