Thursday, June 30, 2005

Build it, and they will come.....

I could have told you the outcome of the game before it started. I'm beginning to wonder if there is any sense of team in that clubhouse at all. Even if a guy gets a base hit, how often is he left there wondering if he will be brought into homeplate. Or, does he simply resign himself to the fact he will be left hanging out to dry.

I don't pretend to really know what it takes to manage a MLB team. I just know that the current plan does not work.
Ten years ago this team, and the fans saw a 'miracle' happen. 'Refuse to Lose' was the catch phrase of the day, and people in the PNW actually discovered that Baseball was being played nearby. Now, ten years later the Mariner front office is trying to exploit that feeling to keep the seats filled. Nostalgia is thick in the air, with Bobbleheads, and other assorted memorabilia bearing the likeness of players long gone from the roster, being being handed out. The management realizes this team sucks. We fans know the team sucks, yet is anyone doing a thing about it?

'Build it, and they will come.' A line from an celebrated movie from almost twenty years ago. If the Mariners were smart, they would write off the season, cull out the herd, and start the build for next year. I, for one, would not stop being a fan, in fact I would embrace such a move.

.235/13.5 GB


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