Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Elephants in charge

No, I'm not speaking of the A's mascot. I'm speaking of Brain Trust currently at power in our nation's capital. I really don't want this to turn into a political Blog, but this pisses me off to no end.

If there is anyone out there that actually reads this they (the one person that reads this) knows that I have chosen the Nationals as my National League team. I am a diehard Mariner fan, but being all the way over here in sometimes sunny Florida, I need something to root for (almost) local. I could never really be a fan of another AL team, so I had to pick one in the NL. Since the Nats hold their spring training just a few miles from my house, I figured there as good as any other. Plus, I just cannot bring myself to root for any team here in Florida. This decision by the way was back in '04 when the Nats were still the Expos. I figured my early youth was flooded with the likes of Hockey Night in Canada, Mr Dressup, and The Beachcombers. (Most of our TV Stations were from British Columbia before cable came to town.) so, I may as well pick a team from Canada. Who knew that the team would end up in DC? I like the new uniforms, and the name, but I thought the Monuments would have been better.

Anyway, back to what is pissing me off................

The Republicans (a few, to be fair) are threatening to revoke the Anti-trust exemption from MLB if George Soros, a notorious anti-Bush man, if there ever was one, is allowed to buy the Nationals franchise from MLB. Here is the story on the Washington Post website, it requires registration if anyone is interested.

WTF! Is that all about? I will be really honest with you, as little as a couple of years ago, I was a Republican voter. But, the events that have happened since they acquired a majority, and the White House has really changed my mind. This is just one more example of how nasty they can be, and I for one am tired of this shit.
Why is our country so polarized? Have any of you FOX news junkies actually realized there is no such thing as a 'liberal biased media'? It's all a bunch of hooey! The news networks are there to make money....I'll say that again for the stupid.........The news networks are there for the money! The networks sell air time to advertisers, the advertisers tend to put their ads where the viewers are. Have you ever wondered why the very same News Corporation that gives you 'Fair and Balanced' news channel, also gives you that cesspool of a broadcast network (FOX) with some of the raunchiest programs on terrestial TV? It's about the money!!!!! And all of you buy into it every day. We (that's all of us) need to come back to the center of the aisle and work together for the better of OUR nation)

Are we really going to allow congress to dick with MLB because they don't like a prospective owner? Does anyone else see how ridiculous this is? I'm quite sure that these jack-asses in Congress can spend their time and energy on more important issues....like war, poverty, and tax reform, right?

I'm sorry for this, I promise it won't happen again for a long time. Now back to our regular rants and raves for Mariner Baseball.


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