Tuesday, June 07, 2005


Later today the M's take on the Marlins for some interleague play. Since both Beltre and Sexson came to us from the National League, maybe we'll see some of what the team is paying these guys for. Not that they aren't contributing now, it's just not the numbers that we've dreamed of seeing.

It's too bad Miami is so far away, I'd love to catch a game in person. I really wish I would have taken the time to go over to Tampa when they (Mariners) were over there. I haven't watched a Mariners game in person since 1998 at the Kingdome with my wife and oldest son. We had a great time, except my wife kept thinking we were going to fall out of our seats and onto the field. If you have ever been in the nosebleed seats at the Kingdome you would understand.

Something unrelated to the Mariners, but still in the MLB world is a video of Alter Bridge on stage with a couple of the Red Sox . It was recorded not long after the Sox won the World Series. (Wish we had the kind of chemistry the Sox have.) Alter Bridge is made up from the remnants of the band Creed. They have a few good songs and you should check them out.



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