Sunday, June 05, 2005

I heard it on the Radio

I finally was able to listen to the majority of today's game with the Devil Rays. We won the game 6-5 .

The local ESPN radio station happens to be an affilliate of the Devil Rays Radio Network. Imagine my surprise when I was driving to work tonight to hear the M's playing a ballgame. I thought I might luckout and the game would be on the PAX channel, they carry some of the D-Ray games.

I must also confess that I have also become a fan of the Washington Nationals. You see they hold Spring Training right down the road from my house. (about five miles). I never had a chance to watch any of the ST games this year due to my work schedule. But, I have kept up with their games and standings as much as I have the Mariners. Of course here in the coming week or so. My National League Team, and my American League Team will be playing each other. I can only root for the M's during that series, because it seems wrong to root for anyone else. Although since I hold Johnson on my fantasy team, I will be pulling for him during his at bats. (I need the points)

I think Brett Boone may have found one of those pouches that Pizza Guys have that keep your food warm, and is storing his bat in it. Because for the first day in a long while his bat came alive and seemed to be warm all game long. Congrats Brett..........keep it up!



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