Friday, June 17, 2005

It took them 13 Innings

For the Phillies to beat the M's last night. It looked to be a very close game. I just wish we could get a winning streak longer than three games, let alone two.

I get so damn mad watching these guys take a swing at the first pitch. Be patient, for crying out loud try to get the edge on the pitcher, quit trying to be a hero and end up looking like a turd, because of your impatience.

I was so frustrated that I dropped Boone from my fantasy team after only one week of no production at the plate.

You guys need to put Pedro Martinez down today early. He was an AL pitcher for years, so their shouldn't be much problem for most of you. Grover wake your team up!!!!! I hope you haven't just given up on the season, ten years ago the M's made it to the playoffs in just such a position. Play smarter!!!!!!!

.231/8.5 GB


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