Sunday, June 26, 2005

Late inning rally

Close, but no cigar for the boys today. In the ninth Winn gets aboard with a single, and Brett 'Rally Killer' Boone comes on and hits into a double play on the first pitch. Now, Brett I understand that you did a good job at the plate today with a single home run and an RBI. But, haven't we been talking about patience at the plate, and taking that first pitch? I'll give you an A for effort, and a B+ for performance today.

I do have a question for Grover. Why would you give Ichiro the 'day off' and then let him pinch hit for a guy that is hitting .395, especially when Ichiro is only hitting .293?

We lost the series, but at least the one that the M's did win was one that they could be proud of, and really the losses were not that bad, in fact they have been pretty close games.

Sure I criticize Boone and Hargrove a lot, but you know when a man is being payed nine million to produce, and he doesn't, then he opens himself up for the criticism. As far a Ol' Grover goes, well lets just say, that I like it when teams actually take chances, and live a little.

One more observation before I go. Has anyone else noticed that the only Boone highlight reels that the Mariners have on their website of late have been defensive plays? Since his offense has been offensive, maybe that's the only way that they can promote him for a trade. (I know todays highlight will show plenty of his Offense, since he actually produced.)

Next stop........Oakland.......oh crap.

.237/12 GB


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