Monday, June 27, 2005

Prostate Cancer

My Dad was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer last Thursday, and he told me about itlast night. He is damn lucky because they caught it really early. In fact when he was in there for the physical, and it was time for the finger wave, Dad had a uncomfortable look in his eye. The Doc said "I can check it out, or you could end up dying from Cancer, because I didn't, it's up to you." Dad was checked and the Doc found a lump. How Prophetic was that?

It sounds like Dad is going to get the radioactive Pellet inserted into the Prostate. I told him at least he wouldn't have to turn the bathroom light on during a middle of the night pee session.

Well now I need to get checked yearly too, ...............damnit.

Go get checked, it's no joke!


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