Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Tail Spin

It started out well enough, Zito pitching and Ichiro at bat. Ichiro takes one pitch for a ball, and the very next pitch knocks the ball deep into right center for a home run.

Now for the bad. That one yard was the only score the M's had. Time and time again runners were left stranded. Moyer didn't even last 4 innings, so we didn't have any play on either side of the ball.

What is it about the Athletics that makes the Mariners choke on their sunflower seeds? Do we need some trained professionals in the dugout ready to administer the Heimlich at the drop of the bat?

I get so darn frustrated when there is obvious talent there, but just none able to step up when needed. I realize my usual target has been Boone. Tonight it was not just Boone's fault. Every single player that was on that field tonight had a hand in the loss.

The Seattle Mariners are not a contender this year. I understand that, and so do the realistic fans out there. If I were GM I would unload the deadwood, and start the build for next year. If I were the Manager, I would let every player on that team know that if you don't produce, you will be benched, no matter how big your salary. I know many clubs play the money because they figure if we are going to pay the player that much, he better play. I for one believe if the player isn't helping win games, then it doesn't matter if he sits on the bench, or plays. The end result is still the same, in my eyes.

.238/13.5 GB


Anonymous Terence Irizarry said...

Well, that could be true.

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