Thursday, June 23, 2005

twelve innings

But we won. You know Sexson's numbers really don't do him the justice he deserves. The man is the epitome of clutch. Seems like when we get backed into these situations. Richie comes up to the plate, and makes it happen.

I have a serious bone to pick with our current manager, Mike Hargrove. He has this problem that he takes with him to every team he comes to, and it is driving me crazy. The man is scared to go with a rookie, he just won't give it up to the younger guys. You watch Spezio gets better, and Reed is gone. Pokey gets better, and Morse is outta there. It sucks. He just did it to Lopez, the kid is showing great promise, and is reliable behind the plate. BUT, Boonie feels he can hit now after a few days off, with some 'serious' batting practice. The man came back and produced one hit, and nothing the rest of the game. In fact I think the scoring official messed up and forgot to adjust his BA for one of his at bats. I do believe he should be a point below his current average.

Hargrove did the same thing in Baltimore, in fact he was criticized regularly for it during his tenure there. You are 9.5 games out of first place. Quit being so damn 'safe' and take some chances. Seattle likes to celebrate this as the ten year anniversary of a great team. Well why not live in the NOW, and play to win, use some strategy for Pete's sake. You have the talent, you just need the balls to use it.

.227/9.5 (makes me sick)


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