Saturday, June 25, 2005

What just happened?

Why can't these guys play like they did tonight, defeating San Diego 14-5, all of the time? Hell, I'd settle for part of the time. It's almost like the M's play all, or nothing.

Gil Meche broke it out with a single RBI, not bad for an AL Pitcher. Maybe they should use him as a PH every once in awhile. The Fourth Inning saw Richie Sexson with a two-run Homer, and Morse hit a Triple with an RBI.

Brett Boone, yes the same Brett Boone that I've been griping about for awhile now is actually showing that he had some life in his bat. He was one Home Run away from the cycle tonight, with three RBI's, three hits, and three runs, and one walk. Whatever the man had tonight, I hope he can keep finding it. I really hope that this was not some sort of fluke. My only Boone bitch tonight was the play at home plate during the wild pitch. But, all in all I would have to give the game ball (Football reference) to Boone tonight. Keep bringing that average up so you can be good trade bait.

.233/10 GB


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