Sunday, July 31, 2005

Two Trades And A Winn

I'll bet you couldn't swing a dead cat and not hit a catcher in the Mariners' organization. What is with this catcher fetish?
Winn trade gets us a medicore Pitcher and a mediocre catcher.

Olivo SWAP for another catcher from San Diego.

THIS is the big trade we waited all season? That was the best you could do Bavasi?

Oh yeah, we won the game last night.


Saturday, July 30, 2005


That is my question for tonight does this team have a strategy for:

Each game?

This Season?

Seasons in years to come?

Because right now nothing is making much sense. Hargrove, and or Price kept Sele in the game waaaaay too long. Spiezio is brought in for Beltre in the later innings. Apparently Grover had given up on the game by then. After all Scott was true to form and struck out.

Pat Borders is sent down and Wiki Gonzales is brought back up. I think I get that, because I've been screaming about the team needs to go with the future.

What if any trades will happen before Sunday? Will we get some good prospects out of the deal? Will we go after pitching? I guess we will all have to wait and see if this team does want to win in the future, or keep living in 1995 like it's Groundhog day.


Friday, July 29, 2005

Damn Double-Plays

Gil Meche lasted only three, left with an injury to his neck/shoulder. That brought in Matt Thornton, who must have read my scathing review of him a few days ago. He came out and struck-out three in a row. Of course the rest of the Bullpen did their 'magic' in later innings, and gave up three more runs to add to the three that Gil gave away.

I feel a little sorry for Eddie Guardado, the man didn't get used last night as he should be, comes in tonight just to stay loose, and throws 10 pitches to get his first batter out. It took a little, but he warmed up after a few batters and struck-out #4, in three pitches.

Yuniesky Betancourt moved up tonight and played his first major league game. Yuni (my own nickname for him, what does everyone else call him?) in his first at-bat, on the first pitch, hit himself a nice triple. The rest of the game went like this for him during his offense plays;

1) Triple
2) Fly-out
3) Strikeout
4) Ground-out

He was mentioned quite often in defensive plays as well. I welcome the addition of Yuni, I just hope Jose Lopez gets a chance next year, or later this year to prove himself. Why didn't Bavasi keep Jose in the dugout, and DFA Scott Spiezio? I probably already know the answer to that, but DFA Spiezio anyway, he sucks.

I would like to give Raul Ibanez and Miguel Olivo some praise tonight. Both hit big knocks tonight. Raul hit a three-run homer, and Olivo hit a single Home Run, his fifth for the season.

If it weren't for Ichiro hit into a DP, I think we had a shot at winning this game tonight. That's ok though, I think the team may actually be getting better. Well everyone but the pitching staff. We'll see what happens tomorrow. I wonder if anyone will get called up to replace Gil while he mends. I doubt it, improving the pitching staff isn't Bavasi's style.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Rubber Match

We won the series with Detroit. So why am I not excited? Oh, that's right we still suck. We just didn't suck today. Jamie Moyer at 42 years old pitches better tonight than 80% of the pitching staff. My take on that is he blows off any, and all advice from Bryan Price. An example most others that pitch in the Mariners organization should pay attention to.

Tonight Jamie pitched the ball, he didn't THROW it. He put the ball where he wanted, when he wanted, and how he wanted it. This would be another example that the other pitchers should take note of. You know when Jamie does try to hang up his spikes, the Mariners should keep him on as a Pitching Coach. All the years that he has pitched he could definitely help his charges, instead of hindering them, like a certain current coach does. I do however wonder why Jamie doesn't try to mentor a few of these younger men right now. Tomorrow is Gil Meche going up against Cleveland. Let's hope that the Pitcher with the best record in Seattle can carry momentum into the game tomorrow.

I'm not going to say a whole lot about the offense, except that it was good.


Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Well, it figures

We lost 8-5, surprised? I'm not at all surprised, in fact I almost expected a loss. If we could get the pitchers of the Washington Nationals, and the Batters from this team together, I think it would be a pretty well-rounded team. But, as it stands right now our pitching just plain sucks!

The following Mariners need to pack up their stuff and go:

Jo-El 'Blondie' Pinero.......your "pitching" and velocity suck
Matt 'The Pitching Machine' just plain suck
Scott 'Strikeout' Spiezio.....How are we going to trade you, when you suck?
Miguel 'Passed Ball' do know you suck, right?
Dave 'The Pinch Hit' Hansen.....good hit, you suck bag
Bryan 'THE Teacher' Price, your pitchers suck......Teach.
Mike 'The Strategist' Hargrove....your managing skills suck
Bill 'The Brain' Bavassi.......You're gauge is showing about five microns you suck so bad.

15.5 GB/.227 (good job Jose)

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Tigers are kitty cats

I'm not saying it was a blow-out or anything. But, I will say it's nice to have that afterglow of a win. It was a close game, we only won 5-3. But it's one more W in the record.

If anyone has been earning their paychecks, it would have to be Sexson and Bloomquist, in my opinion. Richie has been real consistent at the plate, and Willie has been good at both offense and defense. Which is why I have to question the decision to not play Willie everyday. Sure he has had 'spurts' before. But this spurt has been enough to fill a five gallon bucket.
Willie deserves to play, he has earned the right. Like I said before, if you won't play him, trade him. I say keep him here and make him the DH if Winn gets traded. That would open up Left Field for Ibanez, which in turn opens up DH for Willie. Hell, we are 16 games behind, at this point in the season what does it matter, as long as we put wins in the book.

Next year I would bring Betancourt up, and maybe use Morse as the Utility, if not the DH. Mike has a good bat, but his defense needs some work. Hopefully Betancourt can bring to the table what he has shown he can do in Tacoma. Another possibility would be to move Morse to second, and keep Willie at Short until Betancourt is ready to come up from Tacoma.

Ryan Franklin did a good job today, our Middle relievers weren't all that good. We need some good arms in the bullpen. If we get rid of Eddie in a trade, we will have to find, or make another closer.

Bottom line, our pitching staff still needs some help. Catching duties need to fall to one man, and we still need a better player at second base. I swear that base is cursed.


Monday, July 25, 2005

Nothing important

Just want to wish the Detroit Tigers a terrible time while in town. I hope you lose every game in this series. We need to get a few wins dammit.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Cleveland Series

4-3 win

4-3 loss

6-3 loss

We came into Cleveland a mediocre team, and we left Cleveland as a mediocre team. But will Bavassi admit this? Here is a quote from the Seattle Times.

The Mariners have yet to publicly concede the obvious — that they are hopelessly out of contention — but most baseball officials expect them to reluctantly come to that conclusion this week and join the forlorn realm known as "the sellers."

I, and many others have been saying for quite some time now that the Mariners suck. I know those words do have a sting to them. But it's true, the team as it is right now sucks. Nothing will take them into play-off contention this year. Even if they did go, they aren't exactly the best team to represent the American League. But, here is where a casual fan, and a true fan will differ. The true fan is a realist. He understands the game, and will look ahead to the next year. Because at this point it's time for a fire sale. Get rid of the 'good' players we have, and get some really good prospects, and veterans to take their place. We should be looking into the pitching department really hard right now. Our pitching staff's record is atrocious.

Our next stop is Detroit, if we can stop ourselves from getting into a KC type brawl with the Tigers we might pull out a few wins.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

"What, me worry?"

Appropriate words from Alfred E. Newman, that describes me and my feelings toward this team. I have written here before that I understand that this IS a rebuilding year. I just don't think Bill Bavassi realizes that. I don't see the trades that one would normally expect. Are we really that bad? Bad, to the point that nobody sees enough talent to offer or respond to an offer? I say put Willie F-n Bloomquist up on the block. I know their aren't many fans for this guy out there. But, Willie did have a good run going with his bat. That was enough for me to jump off the hater bandwagon. Why? Because Willie was really the only one showing production. I say give Willie a chance to become an everyday player. It seems he does a whole lot better at that, than as a Pinch Hitter. If not with the Seattle Mariners, than with another team that may see whatever talent it is that Willie possesses.

Now to talk about the piece of crap game that was 'played today'. For a man that thinks so much of himself, Jo-El Pinero is shit for a pitcher. The man is 3-6 as of today. You have to ask yourself, is this the best we can do for the rotation? Why don't you try using Jo-El in a relief slot. It's not like we couldn't use help there. What's the matter afraid we might offend Jo-El, by pulling him from the rotation? It's not like he's a solid producer in that position, is it? The man gave up two Home Runs, one of which was a three-run job given up to Hillenbrand. Here is what Grover had to say.

' "[Pineiro] had the one bad inning and gave up those four runs," Mariners manager Mike Hargrove said. "The pitch that Hillenbrand hit out looked like he hit a pretty decent pitch. ... Other than that, I thought he threw the ball well." '

Other than the four strikeouts Mike, I don't see how you can say a pitcher with a 5.72 era only had one bad inning? Isn't that averaged runs over innings pitched? Doesn't Jo-El's record of 3-6 speak volumes? Everyone likes to bad mouth Meche, but I think a better target is this joker.

So the stupid platooning of catcher continues. Pat Borders still sharing the position with Miguel Olivo. Could someone PLEASE make a decision here. It's not like we have a Varitek/Mirabelli situation. For those of you that don't know Mirabelli is the exclusive catcher for Tim Wakefield, who is a solid knuckleballer. Varitek handles everyone else.

I think the batting was better than the pitching today. So, the game ball will go to Sexson. My man Jose Lopez went 0-4 today.


Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Slug Fest

No not the slimy little critters that love beer, hate salt, and leave slime trails all over your gardens and yards. I'm speaking of tonight's Mariners game. The Batters finally showed up to the game, and our pitching staff left their skills at home. If it isn't one side of the game, it's the other. I wish the darn team would come together. It's time to really evaluate our pitching staff, and really come to a decision as to are we satisfied with who we have, or is it time for some moves.

That being said, the batters were awesome, sitting here listening to the game, in the late innings I had a grin from ear-to-ear. That was an awesome comeback. It's just too bad the guys couldn't squeeze out a few more runs. But, then again I'm not so sure our pitchers could have held up their end.

Here is how are pitchers faired against Toronto tonight.
Sele...........six hits, six runs, one strikeout, three walks, one HR
Hasegawa..six hits, four runs, one strikeout, one walk
Thornton....three hits, two runs, zero strikeouts
Mateo.........two hits, zero runs, zero strikeouts hits, zero runs, one strikeout

Oh, and Chris Snelling was called back up, and garnered a hit.


Monday, July 18, 2005

Dead in the Water

That is the term used to describe a ship that has lost all propulsion. How fitting a term to be used here for our nautical themed team. I would really like to know when Bavassi will admit to himself that the team is out of the running, and trade off a few of our 'stars', to get some prospects in here to help the team for next year, or the year after. Other than the Boone move, and so far that has been one-sided. I have to wonder if Brett's trade doesn't work out after the ten days, if we will find Brett sitting at the Customer Service desk, in the return line. Maybe that's why there hasn't been any later named players showing up. Anyway, other than that one move, the only other teams we have moved players around and to is the ones within the Mariner's organization. Are you telling me that WE have the best looking farmhands, or rookies in the whole game of MLB? I did read that trading this year has been really hard. But, I also heard that Bavassi has kept us stagnant until after the break. That way he can see exactly where we are headed. Bill, we are already in the crapper, and are headed into the septic tank. Face that fact, and we will all feel a lot better.

Hey good job sending Snelling back down, after all the future is now, right?

Tomorrow we face the Bluejays, and I'm a little worried.

Head Shot

I'd like to take a moment to address the incident that happened between former Mariner Carlos Guillen and Runelvys Hernandez. During an at-bat Carlos felt he had been HBP, and started up the first baseline. The Ump disagreed, so the at-bat continued. The very next pitch hit Guillen in the helmet. That piece of shit Hernandez didn't like Carlos' idea of what a hit batter was, so he threw at Carlos' head. Not only did the POS hit the batter, but he charged at Guillen to boot! Then after all the benches cleared he continued to bait Guillen and several other players, and ended up pissing off Kyle Farnsworth to the point that he body slammed Affeldt. Then there is Jeremy Bonderman and the five men trying to hold him back from getting some blood. The five eventually failed after the Farnsworth tackle.

The whole thing boils down to this it was payback for a Royal getting hit, which was payback for two Tigers being hit in the first.
Hey man, why are you chucking the ball at 90 mph at the man's head? Then you try to excuse it as an inside pitch gone awry? C'mon man, as another pitcher said "Anyone pitching at this level can pitch and keep it below the shoulders, so if it's hitting the head, it's intentional."

Runelvys Hernandez you just replaced Paul Schreiber as Dickhead of the week.

Sunday, July 17, 2005


That was the percentage of strikes to pitches thrown by Meche in this last victory. The win tonight brings Gil to 10-6 for the season. The funny part? That is the best record for a starting pitcher this team has. I guess it isn't that funny.

Olivo had a big knock tonight, if that don't make you smile, what will? I read on another blog, and for the life of me I can't remember which, that this catching platoon thingy, needs to stop. I agree, I am sure Pat Borders will make an excellent back-up. But, we need to keep Miguel in there, or get rid of him. Make a decision and stick to it.

I see that Willie F'n Bloomquist didn't get to play tonight. That really sucks for him. Grover should have given him that pinch hit in the eighth inning for Sexson. Spiezio is done, the timer went off about a year ago. Either trade him, or drop him, but coming in off the bench he sucks ass

Good job guys, carry it into Toronto, or as my wife's friend likes to (this is the truth) pronounce it Tore-n-toe. She also says Ped-estrin for pedestrian.

Anyway, here's the nightly stats;


Shhh, dont let it out

But the Mariners pulled one off. Yes, the M's won 3-2 over the Orioles in the bottom of the ninth. Beltre scored on an RBI from Mike Morse. It was a close game, with plenty of excitement. I would give this game a B+, based on how it came down to the wire.

Moyer pitched a good game, keeping them down to 10 hits (bad) and 2 runs (good). JJ Putz didn't blow the save, so all in all, it was a pleasant experiance. I won't get excited until a win streak lasts for more than six games. Then I'll get excited. That is the kind of momentum and motivation the boys need to come together to realize that the Mariners ARE a team.

Jose Lopez, I'm sorry to say you just made the BA watch list. When does Betancourt get to come out and play? Couldn't they move Morse over to second? I realize it takes 'five years' to get the stink of Utility Player off of you, but Bloomquist is showing real promise. Maybe Winn should be offered up for some pitching. Give Willie his position in the OF. Nothing personal against Randy, he's doing a helluva job. Right now, he's the only good trade bait we have to offer up. Then give Lopez either a utility player job, or offer him up for trade too. I don't have a problem with Lopez either, we just need this 2nd baseman voodoo spell to be squashed.


Saturday, July 16, 2005


Is there any life in the Seattle Front Office? Why does it seem everyone else is actively trading players? Does anyone else feel like we are on the outside looking in?

The Mariners need to do some dealing with Milwaukee. I have posted this kid's name before. Ty Taubenheim from Lynden, Washington is in the Milwaukee system. I watched him play July 7th here, for the Brevard Manatees (A). He was sent up to the Huntsville Stars (AA) later that evening. The guy has a good future, why can't we trade off someone for him? I'll guarantee that we'll all hear Ty's name on SportsCenter someday.


It takes a lot of hard work to suck this bad. Many countless hours were spent planning this 'thrill ride' of a season. You just don't get this bad without trying.

For the past week or so, I have tried, I mean tried to remain optimistic about this team. I realize we are re-building. Actually I think we are in the still in the demolition stage. I just wish the Mariners would be honest with the fans, and just come out and tell the truth. I really understand that there is quite a few players still in the learning phase of their career.

I do have an idea, find something to do off of the field. Get to know the other guys on the team. Share a case of beer, build friendships, invite a few of the guys over for a BBQ, whatever it takes for you to come together as a team. A team that plays for each other, rarely leaves runners stranded on base.

Boone is gone, swinging wildly, getting behind in the count, is not the order of the day.

Pitchers should NEVER get that far behind in the count, that they reach nearly fifty pitches before the 3rd inning. WTF is that about Jo-el? Fastballs without an off-speed pitch, doesn't fool batters for very long. Unless you can control the plate. can't.
The team has the bats, we need consistant pitching. Actually, we need consistant batting too. The bottom half of our batting order did an exceptional job tonight.

Here are some burning questions I have;

1) Will Miguel Olivo ever hit in the Majors, like he does in AAA? (Happy Birthday Miguel)

2) Will Chris Snelling hit, period?

3) Will Speizio be DFA'd?

4) Will the Mariners gell, and become a team?

Teamwork guys............


Friday, July 15, 2005

I just heard history being made!

Rafael Palmiero just hit a line-drive RBI double, for his 3,000th hit. His whole team came out to second base to congratulate him. His two sons were in the dugout, and his brother flew in to Seattle, from Miami to witness this occasion. Rafael has just confirmed his travel plans to Cooperstown.

A-rot and Boone in the news

I guess A-Rot doesn't get to choose what country he gets to play for. I like the line quote from his 'guy'. A-rot CONSIDERS himself American, though his parents are Dominican. WTF is that? You were born here you dumbass, that makes you an American. You were raised here in Florida, not in the Dominican Republic. Selig is reported to have said that the Commisioner gets to choose where players get to play, not the player.

A little Boone update for you. Apparently, unless Brett's bat starts to find the ball in the next 10 days, the Twins will go in another direction for second base.


I was farting around with my site, thought I had a good idea of how to adjust things using html code. Well, I don't, and lost some of my links in the process. If I forgot anyone that I was linked to, please let me know.

A side note, I would like to add photos to my header. Could anyone explain how that is done?


Sometimes the team you are playing, or the pitcher you face is just that good. Sometimes no matter what you do, or try, the other guy finds a way. Tonight, was that night. The Orioles were just that good, and Cabrerra was that good as a pitcher.

Sele wasn't all that bad, sure he gave up a couple of homers. Aaron is the kind of pitcher that needs run support to help get the win. Going against Cabrerra, who tossed the ball at 98 mph in the eighth, makes it kind of hard to get that kind of support. Look at the final numbers the M's put out, three runs, two hits, and one error. One highpoint of the evening was that Palmiero was able to garner his 2,999th hit. I'm sure tomorrow he will get his 3,000th hit. That man is class, and deserves to get in the Hall of Fame on the first ballot, when eligible.

I'm disappointed sure, but I almost expected tonight's loss, considering who we faced on the mound. But, some justice did come out of tonight Sosa sucks, and he kept sucking all night long. I can't stand the following players, can anyone see the pattern as to why?

Ivan Rodriguez
B. Boone


Thursday, July 14, 2005


So far my wife and oldest son have bought me two Autographed baseballs from Mariner players. A week or so ago I received an Aaron Sele, and today I became the proud owner of a Willie Bloomquist ball. I appreciate the gifts, and they mean the world to me. But, as I told my wife, I'm afraid that because of these purchases, we have become part of the reason players charge for autographs. Keep in mind we are not doing this for anything other than just having the autographs. I have no plans of ever going to a trade show and hawking any items I may possess.

I went to Disney MGM Studios a year ago during the Star Wars celebration. We got in a line to get an autograph from Jake Lloyd, the little kid that played Anakin in Episode one. We didn't get to see the guy because of the 'collectors' (read mall shop owners) were having the kid sign five or six items, only to take them to their mall shops to sell for hundreds of dollars.

But, if you look at it from another angle. These players make many times more money a year than I do, why do they feel the need to charge anyway. How much money is too much? I just hope some little kid doesn't get screwed out of an autograph, because of this.

Oh well what does it matter in the big scheme of things. I'm just glad my family was looking out for me.


The guys over at Crushed Optimists brought up that good ol' A-Rot will be playing for the Dominican Team in next years World Classic. I guess he forgot all about being born in NYC, and growing up in Florida.

My favorite British ex-patriot Iain brought up that Sheffield refuses to play in the same game, because he wouldn't get paid, and it's a made-up game, that doesn't mean anything.

Who said the Yankee team isn't full of assholes?

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

One more for Brett...........

I was watching that ESPN gameshow the other day. You know the one where teammates answer questions about each other. Randy Winn and Jo-el Pinero were on the show. One group of answers they were trying to match came from Gil Meche. One of the questions asked of Gil, was, which teammate would you least like to have a locker next to. Gil's answer, and both Randy and Jo-el answered Brett Boone. There were a couple of other negative Boone answers too.

I guess that veteran 'Leader' role that Brett thought of himself in, wasn't held in very high regard. You don't think the low BA, thrown equipment, and other hissy fits, had anything to do with it, do you?

All Star Fiasco, I mean Game

I have to agree with another Paul with the way that FOX handled the production. It started with that damn pregnant broad interupting the Kevin Kennedy interview with Ernie Harwell. She was so freaking rude about it. 'I'm sure we could go on forever, but now we have a Taco Smell moment about to happen'. Then the moron that was in the $1,000,000 dollar contest, was only able to get one ball inside the target. The funny part was when he kept on 'pitching' well after his 30 seconds of fame had expired.

His Greatness, Joe Buck announced to the world that the AL was going for it's 8th straight All-Star win. Um Joe, what about the Selig tie of 2002? I guess ties are now counted as wins? Of course this is the same Joe Buck that made a HUGE DEAL out of Randy Moss faux mooning in Green Bay. Is McCarver even relevent any more? he's like the Dan Dierdorf (sp?) of Baseball Broadcasters. Too bad Al Leiter is still active, because he did a great job in last years League Series.

Then again I'm not a big fan of the All-Star game itself, never really have been. In many cases it's just a popularity contest. Men well past their prime, are still getting votes. That is called name recognition, and all it does is fuel salary increases, and bonus money for aging or broken players. How many votes did Nomar get? The man has only played a handful of games this year, and he almost got on the NL team. Look at Jason Bay of the Pirates, did he really deserve to be there? How about that HR contest Jason, you really showed the world you were meant to be there, huh?
I'm proud of Ichiro for not entering the HR contest. He knows what kind of hitter he is, and didn't budge when the pressure was put on him.
Seattle having only one player is a crime. Not because anymore deserved to go, but rather because our team is not the caliber it should be.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

My Man Brett

So Brett is going to the Twins. I wish it would have been a NL team. Because if he shows us up, it's going to be embarassing, and it might make me a little pissed. Gotta go, I have an All-Star Game to watch.


Sea World

Could it be true? Did the M's actually sweep their division leaders? Boy, take one weekend trip over to Orlando, visit Sea World and my team completes a sweep. That is awesome, this team could contend next year, and the second half of this season should give us some kind of indication either way.

On a side note, the hurricane (Dennis) missed Central Florida, but another Tropical Storm (Emily) is on the way.

My Beautiful wife, and oldest son have been full of surprises lately. Today they gave me an Ichiro Jersey. :)

Saturday, July 09, 2005

That Rally Monkey Sucks

Were you aware that Angel Chone Figgins' first name is pronounced Shawn? I read it as though it rhymed with Bone. That is until tonight, my wonderful, and thoughtful wife bought me the radio package. Now I can Listen to the KOMO Radio feed. I LOVE that woman! I was able to listen to Dave Niehaus and Co. for the first time in years.

What did you say? The Mariners beat the Angels 10-4? No way!

This team may find it's confidence after all. That is two games in a row, that they have beat the AL West Leaders. I know our streaks haven't looked so good all season thus far. But, I believe the Mariners can carry this momentum into the rest of the season after the break.
I can be afforded a little optimism, right?


Friday, July 08, 2005

Pokey who?

I have to wonder why the M's went after Pokey Reese in the first place. He was hurt when he played for the Red Sox, and he isn't a real threat at the plate. He CAN play defense when healthy. It's the staying healthy part that throws a monkey wrench in the works. If you are going to spend the money on free agents could you get the guys that have a record of staying healthy? That money was better spent on the pitching staff. Maybe get some guys in there that can show some consistency (of the winning kind). We had Bloomquist on the bench, and Morse in the system. I know, I was surprised by Bloomie's production too. The man is doing a good job, and that is what we need...people that can DO the job. (See a pattern here?)

We beat the Angels 10-2 tonight. 10-2, that just sounds great when your team is on the side of the higher number.
Reed had a three run double I the 1st, followed by Bloomquist shooting a double, and scoring one RBI.

In the second with another two out situation at hand Winn and Ibanez walk. Sexson comes to the plate and singles. So now we're in a two-out, bases loaded situation. Beltre comes to the plate and whacks a double that scores three. Then in the eighth Winn knocks in a two-run homer.

If this is their All-Star Pitcher, might we be able to win again tomorrow? We'll see...............

On a side note, check out Juan Rivera's headshot. It looks like a little kid painted his hat on.


Thursday, July 07, 2005

Time Out

I'm going to take another moment for a timeout from Baseball talk. Something happened in the world today that needs to be addressed.

The transportation system in London was attacked by Islamic Militants, at least that's who is taking credit for the attack. To the people of Great Britain, I offer my deepest sympathy, and will say a prayer for you and the victims of this cowardly act.

I said cowardly for a reason, because these guys can't fight like a man. Are they looking for respect? Are they looking for sympathy for their cause? No, they are looking to scare and intimidate people into giving them what they want. Remind anyone else of a spoiled child?

The leaders of these movements are p*ssies. The Leaders recruit young men to commit these acts, none of which are committed by people over the age of 40. The offer of a splendid feast and some perpetual virgins looks really good to young men living in poverty. I wonder what the women terrorists get in Paradise? One more question, if God doesn't want you to commit fornication on Earth, what makes you think He'll allow it in His Heaven?

I'm sure there are plenty of good Muslims out there. To these good Muslims, I ask you to please get these dickheads, giving all of you a bad name, to stop. Also, please quit telling us how peaceful your religion is. The argument your bringing to the table isn't working. I don't mean to make this a religious thing, in fact I'm not....The bad guys are. After, and during attacks these 'people' can be heard praising God. How ironic is that? Personally, I see this as repressed people with misplaced anger. They (the terrorists) need to check out how their own governments are keeping them down, before blaming the Free Word. The MAN is everywhere, he doesn't discriminate, he wants to keep you down, that's how he stays in power. If given the power to vote, and given some charge in the direction their countries take, wouldn't most people be a little happier?

What possible good can come of killing 40 some odd people in London? Look you already pissed off the USA, do you really want the United Kingdom coming at you with a vengeance, too? Are you going to hit Moscow, Beijing, Paris, and Berlin next? The world is getting tired of this shit. Know this you P*ssies, the cries of your cause are lost in the deafness, caused by the explosions of your violence.

I just hope London comes a callin', because the Brits will stick a boot so far in your ass, that lump in your throat will be their big toe.

That's all for ball.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Reality Check (KC 5 SEA 1)

I'm going to go out on a limb here today. I'm going to predict that the Seattle Mariners will not make the playoffs, nor will they rise above the .500 mark. The team is in a building phase, we will have a better chance next year. I am fine with this, it doesn't make me want to go jump off of a bridge, or just totally give up on the team. Heck, if I lived in Western Washington these days, I'd have season tickets, regardless if the team was winning or not. Maybe one day I will be able to convince my wife to move back there, not likely though. Oh well..........

Willie Bloomquist, the crow I'm eating doesn't taste very good, but is well worth it. Great game for you today three doubles in four at bats. Sexson went 2-4, and poor Chris Snelling is sitting at a .000 batting average, with two walks.
16.5 GB

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

What a streak!!!!!

That winning streak lasted two whole games. Our offense has definitely heated up, but our pitching just plain sucks. I can only hope that our FO sees the same, and gets some much needed help for the pitching staff. Matt Thornton just doesn't have it. Meche made a mess of it, and the combo of Putz/Villone almost won it. (At least nobody got a hit off of them.)

C'mon Meche seven runs, five of which were earned, in just a little over three innings? WTF is that all about? Hell anytime you have to go to the bullpen is the fourth, you know it's going to make for a 'great game'. I'm just glad the batters came up with some good hits tonight. All of you guys did great tonight. Thought it was interesting that Snelling was pulled in the middle of his at-bat, because of a corresponding K.C. pitching change. Chris (who was a PH). Was replaced by PH Scott Spiezio, who showed that his current BA of .059, is not a joke, it's actually quite factual.

I need to make a formal apology to Willie 'F-n' Bloomquest. Willie went 3-3 tonight, with two RBI's, one run, and one walk tonight. I'm sorry Willie, it looks like you just need to play more instead of warming that bench. I imagine Pinch Hitting and Pinch Running are not your forte. I'm sorry for my previous post.

It looks like we will be going 16 GB, with tonight's loss.

Monday, July 04, 2005

Nine Innings

Ryan Franklin has just pitched a nine inning shut-out! 6-0 over the KC Royals. I know, it's the Royals, so what? Well, it could be the spark this club needs to make it into a team. A few wins under our team's belt, and the confidence meter will rise. That can only do one thing, and that is gel these guys together. Losing does awful things to you, it causes you to not only doubt yourself, but everyone around you as well.

I certainly hope the position of second baseman has not been cursed. Lopez went 0-4 tonight. Anymore of this, and Jose will start getting his BA tracked here.

A new streak though, that's two games in a row we've won! With the loss of the Angels (I refuse to call them by the whole godawful new name) tonight, we gain one game in the standings.


We won, how long has it been since I wrote that? Our first game without Brett on the roster and we win. Anyone see that Russell Crowe movie Master and Commander, Far Side Of The World? Do you think Brett and the team started to feel that he (Brett) was the Jonah? Just as in the movie the wind came back to the Ship, when the Midshipman jumped ship. After our 'Jonah' was cut, the wind filled our sails and brought Seattle over the top to a win. I tell you, it just feels good to have this team win a game, let alone two in a row.

Brett I heard you cried at your Press Conference. Since I'm a big softie I refuse to watch, or listen to it. It sucks right now, and we all feel for you. In fact I hope if someone does pick you up, it's a team in the NL. Because if you were to come back to town and put on a one man show of sport's excellence, it would just plain suck. Good luck Brett, I hope you find your swing again.

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Goodbye Mr. Boone/ Hello Mr. Lopez

As much as I bitch and complained about Brett Boone , I never thought he would get dished like he did. I don't take back anything I said though. Anyone that is pulling over $9 million a year, HAS to perform in my book. But, it really isn't Brett's fault that he was pulling that kind of cabbage. He was what, 31 or 32 when Seattle gave him that sweet deal. Get what you can, while you can, is my rule. I do however have one caveat for that rule. You have to earn it.

Bavasi glad to see you woke up, and saw the light and brought your newfound weapon to bear, in the form of one Jose Lopez. This kid has IT, together with Reed, Morse, and Chris Snelling. These four young men might be able to breathe some new life into this club. I can only hope the M's wake up and realize that their best catcher is playing in San Antonio.

I am really excited about the changes happening in this clubhouse. Maybe we can attain .500 this year. Even if we don't, 2006 is looking really good for offense. Now, we need to work on our pitching staff. It will come together, I can feel it!

(I will no longer post a Batting Average, unless someone else gets in my sights for playing poorly.)

15.5 GB

Numbers Crunch

Just going over a few numbers for the stats of two of the catchers the team has fielded recently.

Olivo .174 OBP, .147 BA, in yesterdays game 0-3 with one strikeout.
Rivera .382 OBP, .364 BA, in his time with the Mariners. His time in AA San Antonio has shown him to posses the following stats. .326 OBP, and .295 BA.

God forbid the GM and or Manager of this team show that they actually have a pair, and take a freaking chance on Rivera. Are they trying to tank this club?
Tell me exactly what kind of real difference Spiezio is going to make to this team. Both of of the positions he plays are fielded with high dollar free agents. Are you telling me that me he is going to be a career PH from now on? I certainly hope his average picks up a little from the .077 it currently rests at. Is he the new trade bait? It certainly looks like Brett 'Rally Killer' Boone is off the table.

Can anyone tell me why Willie 'F-n' Bloomquist is still on this team? Could they not have kept Lopez and dropped Bloomquist? I mean Bloomquist is hitting a whopping .197 and went 0-3 yesterday, with two of those chalked up to strikeouts. I'm sure glad they brought in Hansen to do the sacrifice Bunt in the ninth, because the way Willie was going, he would have cheesed that up too.

I have an idea to offer the Ownership, get rid of Bavasi, and try to woo Jim Bowden from the Nationals. Get on your hands and knees and beg Lou to come back. If you can't get Lou, because Steinbrenner takes him. Ask Joe Torre if he'll consider the job. Hell, ask anyone for all I care, just get someone in there with some GD stones!

I keep saying the same thing over and over again, but it's the only way I can vent. It's frustrating when everyone can see the problem except the front office. That is because it seems, in this case, the front office is the problem.

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Terminal Velocity

That pretty much describes the rate at which the Mariners are headed to the basement, in not only the AL West, but the whole American League. Some really great moves in have been made since I last posted, just not within the Mariner organization.
Olivo is back behind the plate? He did such a fantastic job for us last time, we just had to bring him back from the Tacoma. You know what? I'm going to end my rant right there.

I actually have some positive to share. This past Thursday my beautiful wife shipped off the kids and took me to a Brevard Manatee game. It was refreshing to be able to watch a game in person, even if it was Minor League. If I were the GM in Seattle, I would try to get a trade with Milwaukee going. There is a guy pitching here for the Manatees that is awesome, as a matter of fact he has been named to the Florida League All-Star Game. The best part of this whole thing is that his name is Ty Taubenheim, and he is from a town called Lynden, Washington. He's local!!!! His record is 10-2, 2.61 ERA, 71 SO, with 100 IP. I watched this kid pitch a shut-out game against the St. Lucie Mets. His fastballs were popping that night!

For those of you that followed the progress of Ryan 'Little Unit' Anderson is the Seattle system, here is an update. Ryan plays for the Manatees now, and here are his latest stats; 0-1, 6.30 ERA, 17 SO, with 10 IP.

With a seven game LOSING streak the Mariners had better be looking for some good pitchers, like Ty, for the future of this franchise. Re-living 1995 isn't going to keep the fans coming for very long.

.231/15 GB

Friday, July 01, 2005


Ibanez and Boone each hit single home runs.
Looks like Spiezio is coming back, and Lopez will be sent down.
What more can I say?

.236/13.5 GB