Wednesday, July 13, 2005

All Star Fiasco, I mean Game

I have to agree with another Paul with the way that FOX handled the production. It started with that damn pregnant broad interupting the Kevin Kennedy interview with Ernie Harwell. She was so freaking rude about it. 'I'm sure we could go on forever, but now we have a Taco Smell moment about to happen'. Then the moron that was in the $1,000,000 dollar contest, was only able to get one ball inside the target. The funny part was when he kept on 'pitching' well after his 30 seconds of fame had expired.

His Greatness, Joe Buck announced to the world that the AL was going for it's 8th straight All-Star win. Um Joe, what about the Selig tie of 2002? I guess ties are now counted as wins? Of course this is the same Joe Buck that made a HUGE DEAL out of Randy Moss faux mooning in Green Bay. Is McCarver even relevent any more? he's like the Dan Dierdorf (sp?) of Baseball Broadcasters. Too bad Al Leiter is still active, because he did a great job in last years League Series.

Then again I'm not a big fan of the All-Star game itself, never really have been. In many cases it's just a popularity contest. Men well past their prime, are still getting votes. That is called name recognition, and all it does is fuel salary increases, and bonus money for aging or broken players. How many votes did Nomar get? The man has only played a handful of games this year, and he almost got on the NL team. Look at Jason Bay of the Pirates, did he really deserve to be there? How about that HR contest Jason, you really showed the world you were meant to be there, huh?
I'm proud of Ichiro for not entering the HR contest. He knows what kind of hitter he is, and didn't budge when the pressure was put on him.
Seattle having only one player is a crime. Not because anymore deserved to go, but rather because our team is not the caliber it should be.


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