Thursday, July 14, 2005


So far my wife and oldest son have bought me two Autographed baseballs from Mariner players. A week or so ago I received an Aaron Sele, and today I became the proud owner of a Willie Bloomquist ball. I appreciate the gifts, and they mean the world to me. But, as I told my wife, I'm afraid that because of these purchases, we have become part of the reason players charge for autographs. Keep in mind we are not doing this for anything other than just having the autographs. I have no plans of ever going to a trade show and hawking any items I may possess.

I went to Disney MGM Studios a year ago during the Star Wars celebration. We got in a line to get an autograph from Jake Lloyd, the little kid that played Anakin in Episode one. We didn't get to see the guy because of the 'collectors' (read mall shop owners) were having the kid sign five or six items, only to take them to their mall shops to sell for hundreds of dollars.

But, if you look at it from another angle. These players make many times more money a year than I do, why do they feel the need to charge anyway. How much money is too much? I just hope some little kid doesn't get screwed out of an autograph, because of this.

Oh well what does it matter in the big scheme of things. I'm just glad my family was looking out for me.


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