Sunday, July 24, 2005

Cleveland Series

4-3 win

4-3 loss

6-3 loss

We came into Cleveland a mediocre team, and we left Cleveland as a mediocre team. But will Bavassi admit this? Here is a quote from the Seattle Times.

The Mariners have yet to publicly concede the obvious — that they are hopelessly out of contention — but most baseball officials expect them to reluctantly come to that conclusion this week and join the forlorn realm known as "the sellers."

I, and many others have been saying for quite some time now that the Mariners suck. I know those words do have a sting to them. But it's true, the team as it is right now sucks. Nothing will take them into play-off contention this year. Even if they did go, they aren't exactly the best team to represent the American League. But, here is where a casual fan, and a true fan will differ. The true fan is a realist. He understands the game, and will look ahead to the next year. Because at this point it's time for a fire sale. Get rid of the 'good' players we have, and get some really good prospects, and veterans to take their place. We should be looking into the pitching department really hard right now. Our pitching staff's record is atrocious.

Our next stop is Detroit, if we can stop ourselves from getting into a KC type brawl with the Tigers we might pull out a few wins.


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