Friday, July 29, 2005

Damn Double-Plays

Gil Meche lasted only three, left with an injury to his neck/shoulder. That brought in Matt Thornton, who must have read my scathing review of him a few days ago. He came out and struck-out three in a row. Of course the rest of the Bullpen did their 'magic' in later innings, and gave up three more runs to add to the three that Gil gave away.

I feel a little sorry for Eddie Guardado, the man didn't get used last night as he should be, comes in tonight just to stay loose, and throws 10 pitches to get his first batter out. It took a little, but he warmed up after a few batters and struck-out #4, in three pitches.

Yuniesky Betancourt moved up tonight and played his first major league game. Yuni (my own nickname for him, what does everyone else call him?) in his first at-bat, on the first pitch, hit himself a nice triple. The rest of the game went like this for him during his offense plays;

1) Triple
2) Fly-out
3) Strikeout
4) Ground-out

He was mentioned quite often in defensive plays as well. I welcome the addition of Yuni, I just hope Jose Lopez gets a chance next year, or later this year to prove himself. Why didn't Bavasi keep Jose in the dugout, and DFA Scott Spiezio? I probably already know the answer to that, but DFA Spiezio anyway, he sucks.

I would like to give Raul Ibanez and Miguel Olivo some praise tonight. Both hit big knocks tonight. Raul hit a three-run homer, and Olivo hit a single Home Run, his fifth for the season.

If it weren't for Ichiro hit into a DP, I think we had a shot at winning this game tonight. That's ok though, I think the team may actually be getting better. Well everyone but the pitching staff. We'll see what happens tomorrow. I wonder if anyone will get called up to replace Gil while he mends. I doubt it, improving the pitching staff isn't Bavasi's style.


Anonymous moira said...

I'm going to second your use of Yuni for Betancourt. The kid clearly needs a nickname and that's a lot better than "The Yune-ster" which is what I was going to suggest. Or maybe "Yuns", pronounced "Yoons". Nah, I'm sticking with Yuni.

4:01 PM  
Blogger Paul said...

Being waaaaaaay down here in Florida, I wasn't sure if he already a nickname.

6:37 PM  

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