Monday, July 18, 2005

Dead in the Water

That is the term used to describe a ship that has lost all propulsion. How fitting a term to be used here for our nautical themed team. I would really like to know when Bavassi will admit to himself that the team is out of the running, and trade off a few of our 'stars', to get some prospects in here to help the team for next year, or the year after. Other than the Boone move, and so far that has been one-sided. I have to wonder if Brett's trade doesn't work out after the ten days, if we will find Brett sitting at the Customer Service desk, in the return line. Maybe that's why there hasn't been any later named players showing up. Anyway, other than that one move, the only other teams we have moved players around and to is the ones within the Mariner's organization. Are you telling me that WE have the best looking farmhands, or rookies in the whole game of MLB? I did read that trading this year has been really hard. But, I also heard that Bavassi has kept us stagnant until after the break. That way he can see exactly where we are headed. Bill, we are already in the crapper, and are headed into the septic tank. Face that fact, and we will all feel a lot better.

Hey good job sending Snelling back down, after all the future is now, right?

Tomorrow we face the Bluejays, and I'm a little worried.


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