Sunday, July 03, 2005

Goodbye Mr. Boone/ Hello Mr. Lopez

As much as I bitch and complained about Brett Boone , I never thought he would get dished like he did. I don't take back anything I said though. Anyone that is pulling over $9 million a year, HAS to perform in my book. But, it really isn't Brett's fault that he was pulling that kind of cabbage. He was what, 31 or 32 when Seattle gave him that sweet deal. Get what you can, while you can, is my rule. I do however have one caveat for that rule. You have to earn it.

Bavasi glad to see you woke up, and saw the light and brought your newfound weapon to bear, in the form of one Jose Lopez. This kid has IT, together with Reed, Morse, and Chris Snelling. These four young men might be able to breathe some new life into this club. I can only hope the M's wake up and realize that their best catcher is playing in San Antonio.

I am really excited about the changes happening in this clubhouse. Maybe we can attain .500 this year. Even if we don't, 2006 is looking really good for offense. Now, we need to work on our pitching staff. It will come together, I can feel it!

(I will no longer post a Batting Average, unless someone else gets in my sights for playing poorly.)

15.5 GB


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