Monday, July 18, 2005

Head Shot

I'd like to take a moment to address the incident that happened between former Mariner Carlos Guillen and Runelvys Hernandez. During an at-bat Carlos felt he had been HBP, and started up the first baseline. The Ump disagreed, so the at-bat continued. The very next pitch hit Guillen in the helmet. That piece of shit Hernandez didn't like Carlos' idea of what a hit batter was, so he threw at Carlos' head. Not only did the POS hit the batter, but he charged at Guillen to boot! Then after all the benches cleared he continued to bait Guillen and several other players, and ended up pissing off Kyle Farnsworth to the point that he body slammed Affeldt. Then there is Jeremy Bonderman and the five men trying to hold him back from getting some blood. The five eventually failed after the Farnsworth tackle.

The whole thing boils down to this it was payback for a Royal getting hit, which was payback for two Tigers being hit in the first.
Hey man, why are you chucking the ball at 90 mph at the man's head? Then you try to excuse it as an inside pitch gone awry? C'mon man, as another pitcher said "Anyone pitching at this level can pitch and keep it below the shoulders, so if it's hitting the head, it's intentional."

Runelvys Hernandez you just replaced Paul Schreiber as Dickhead of the week.


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