Monday, July 04, 2005


We won, how long has it been since I wrote that? Our first game without Brett on the roster and we win. Anyone see that Russell Crowe movie Master and Commander, Far Side Of The World? Do you think Brett and the team started to feel that he (Brett) was the Jonah? Just as in the movie the wind came back to the Ship, when the Midshipman jumped ship. After our 'Jonah' was cut, the wind filled our sails and brought Seattle over the top to a win. I tell you, it just feels good to have this team win a game, let alone two in a row.

Brett I heard you cried at your Press Conference. Since I'm a big softie I refuse to watch, or listen to it. It sucks right now, and we all feel for you. In fact I hope if someone does pick you up, it's a team in the NL. Because if you were to come back to town and put on a one man show of sport's excellence, it would just plain suck. Good luck Brett, I hope you find your swing again.


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