Monday, July 04, 2005

Nine Innings

Ryan Franklin has just pitched a nine inning shut-out! 6-0 over the KC Royals. I know, it's the Royals, so what? Well, it could be the spark this club needs to make it into a team. A few wins under our team's belt, and the confidence meter will rise. That can only do one thing, and that is gel these guys together. Losing does awful things to you, it causes you to not only doubt yourself, but everyone around you as well.

I certainly hope the position of second baseman has not been cursed. Lopez went 0-4 tonight. Anymore of this, and Jose will start getting his BA tracked here.

A new streak though, that's two games in a row we've won! With the loss of the Angels (I refuse to call them by the whole godawful new name) tonight, we gain one game in the standings.


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