Friday, July 08, 2005

Pokey who?

I have to wonder why the M's went after Pokey Reese in the first place. He was hurt when he played for the Red Sox, and he isn't a real threat at the plate. He CAN play defense when healthy. It's the staying healthy part that throws a monkey wrench in the works. If you are going to spend the money on free agents could you get the guys that have a record of staying healthy? That money was better spent on the pitching staff. Maybe get some guys in there that can show some consistency (of the winning kind). We had Bloomquist on the bench, and Morse in the system. I know, I was surprised by Bloomie's production too. The man is doing a good job, and that is what we need...people that can DO the job. (See a pattern here?)

We beat the Angels 10-2 tonight. 10-2, that just sounds great when your team is on the side of the higher number.
Reed had a three run double I the 1st, followed by Bloomquist shooting a double, and scoring one RBI.

In the second with another two out situation at hand Winn and Ibanez walk. Sexson comes to the plate and singles. So now we're in a two-out, bases loaded situation. Beltre comes to the plate and whacks a double that scores three. Then in the eighth Winn knocks in a two-run homer.

If this is their All-Star Pitcher, might we be able to win again tomorrow? We'll see...............

On a side note, check out Juan Rivera's headshot. It looks like a little kid painted his hat on.



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