Thursday, July 28, 2005

Rubber Match

We won the series with Detroit. So why am I not excited? Oh, that's right we still suck. We just didn't suck today. Jamie Moyer at 42 years old pitches better tonight than 80% of the pitching staff. My take on that is he blows off any, and all advice from Bryan Price. An example most others that pitch in the Mariners organization should pay attention to.

Tonight Jamie pitched the ball, he didn't THROW it. He put the ball where he wanted, when he wanted, and how he wanted it. This would be another example that the other pitchers should take note of. You know when Jamie does try to hang up his spikes, the Mariners should keep him on as a Pitching Coach. All the years that he has pitched he could definitely help his charges, instead of hindering them, like a certain current coach does. I do however wonder why Jamie doesn't try to mentor a few of these younger men right now. Tomorrow is Gil Meche going up against Cleveland. Let's hope that the Pitcher with the best record in Seattle can carry momentum into the game tomorrow.

I'm not going to say a whole lot about the offense, except that it was good.



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