Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Slug Fest

No not the slimy little critters that love beer, hate salt, and leave slime trails all over your gardens and yards. I'm speaking of tonight's Mariners game. The Batters finally showed up to the game, and our pitching staff left their skills at home. If it isn't one side of the game, it's the other. I wish the darn team would come together. It's time to really evaluate our pitching staff, and really come to a decision as to are we satisfied with who we have, or is it time for some moves.

That being said, the batters were awesome, sitting here listening to the game, in the late innings I had a grin from ear-to-ear. That was an awesome comeback. It's just too bad the guys couldn't squeeze out a few more runs. But, then again I'm not so sure our pitchers could have held up their end.

Here is how are pitchers faired against Toronto tonight.
Sele...........six hits, six runs, one strikeout, three walks, one HR
Hasegawa..six hits, four runs, one strikeout, one walk
Thornton....three hits, two runs, zero strikeouts
Mateo.........two hits, zero runs, zero strikeouts
Villone.......zero hits, zero runs, one strikeout

Oh, and Chris Snelling was called back up, and garnered a hit.



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