Friday, July 15, 2005


Sometimes the team you are playing, or the pitcher you face is just that good. Sometimes no matter what you do, or try, the other guy finds a way. Tonight, was that night. The Orioles were just that good, and Cabrerra was that good as a pitcher.

Sele wasn't all that bad, sure he gave up a couple of homers. Aaron is the kind of pitcher that needs run support to help get the win. Going against Cabrerra, who tossed the ball at 98 mph in the eighth, makes it kind of hard to get that kind of support. Look at the final numbers the M's put out, three runs, two hits, and one error. One highpoint of the evening was that Palmiero was able to garner his 2,999th hit. I'm sure tomorrow he will get his 3,000th hit. That man is class, and deserves to get in the Hall of Fame on the first ballot, when eligible.

I'm disappointed sure, but I almost expected tonight's loss, considering who we faced on the mound. But, some justice did come out of tonight Sosa sucks, and he kept sucking all night long. I can't stand the following players, can anyone see the pattern as to why?

Ivan Rodriguez
B. Boone



Anonymous Donnell Harns said...

Quite agreed.

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