Saturday, July 16, 2005


It takes a lot of hard work to suck this bad. Many countless hours were spent planning this 'thrill ride' of a season. You just don't get this bad without trying.

For the past week or so, I have tried, I mean tried to remain optimistic about this team. I realize we are re-building. Actually I think we are in the still in the demolition stage. I just wish the Mariners would be honest with the fans, and just come out and tell the truth. I really understand that there is quite a few players still in the learning phase of their career.

I do have an idea, find something to do off of the field. Get to know the other guys on the team. Share a case of beer, build friendships, invite a few of the guys over for a BBQ, whatever it takes for you to come together as a team. A team that plays for each other, rarely leaves runners stranded on base.

Boone is gone, swinging wildly, getting behind in the count, is not the order of the day.

Pitchers should NEVER get that far behind in the count, that they reach nearly fifty pitches before the 3rd inning. WTF is that about Jo-el? Fastballs without an off-speed pitch, doesn't fool batters for very long. Unless you can control the plate. can't.
The team has the bats, we need consistant pitching. Actually, we need consistant batting too. The bottom half of our batting order did an exceptional job tonight.

Here are some burning questions I have;

1) Will Miguel Olivo ever hit in the Majors, like he does in AAA? (Happy Birthday Miguel)

2) Will Chris Snelling hit, period?

3) Will Speizio be DFA'd?

4) Will the Mariners gell, and become a team?

Teamwork guys............



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