Saturday, July 09, 2005

That Rally Monkey Sucks

Were you aware that Angel Chone Figgins' first name is pronounced Shawn? I read it as though it rhymed with Bone. That is until tonight, my wonderful, and thoughtful wife bought me the radio package. Now I can Listen to the KOMO Radio feed. I LOVE that woman! I was able to listen to Dave Niehaus and Co. for the first time in years.

What did you say? The Mariners beat the Angels 10-4? No way!

This team may find it's confidence after all. That is two games in a row, that they have beat the AL West Leaders. I know our streaks haven't looked so good all season thus far. But, I believe the Mariners can carry this momentum into the rest of the season after the break.
I can be afforded a little optimism, right?



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