Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Tigers are kitty cats

I'm not saying it was a blow-out or anything. But, I will say it's nice to have that afterglow of a win. It was a close game, we only won 5-3. But it's one more W in the record.

If anyone has been earning their paychecks, it would have to be Sexson and Bloomquist, in my opinion. Richie has been real consistent at the plate, and Willie has been good at both offense and defense. Which is why I have to question the decision to not play Willie everyday. Sure he has had 'spurts' before. But this spurt has been enough to fill a five gallon bucket.
Willie deserves to play, he has earned the right. Like I said before, if you won't play him, trade him. I say keep him here and make him the DH if Winn gets traded. That would open up Left Field for Ibanez, which in turn opens up DH for Willie. Hell, we are 16 games behind, at this point in the season what does it matter, as long as we put wins in the book.

Next year I would bring Betancourt up, and maybe use Morse as the Utility, if not the DH. Mike has a good bat, but his defense needs some work. Hopefully Betancourt can bring to the table what he has shown he can do in Tacoma. Another possibility would be to move Morse to second, and keep Willie at Short until Betancourt is ready to come up from Tacoma.

Ryan Franklin did a good job today, our Middle relievers weren't all that good. We need some good arms in the bullpen. If we get rid of Eddie in a trade, we will have to find, or make another closer.

Bottom line, our pitching staff still needs some help. Catching duties need to fall to one man, and we still need a better player at second base. I swear that base is cursed.



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