Thursday, July 07, 2005

Time Out

I'm going to take another moment for a timeout from Baseball talk. Something happened in the world today that needs to be addressed.

The transportation system in London was attacked by Islamic Militants, at least that's who is taking credit for the attack. To the people of Great Britain, I offer my deepest sympathy, and will say a prayer for you and the victims of this cowardly act.

I said cowardly for a reason, because these guys can't fight like a man. Are they looking for respect? Are they looking for sympathy for their cause? No, they are looking to scare and intimidate people into giving them what they want. Remind anyone else of a spoiled child?

The leaders of these movements are p*ssies. The Leaders recruit young men to commit these acts, none of which are committed by people over the age of 40. The offer of a splendid feast and some perpetual virgins looks really good to young men living in poverty. I wonder what the women terrorists get in Paradise? One more question, if God doesn't want you to commit fornication on Earth, what makes you think He'll allow it in His Heaven?

I'm sure there are plenty of good Muslims out there. To these good Muslims, I ask you to please get these dickheads, giving all of you a bad name, to stop. Also, please quit telling us how peaceful your religion is. The argument your bringing to the table isn't working. I don't mean to make this a religious thing, in fact I'm not....The bad guys are. After, and during attacks these 'people' can be heard praising God. How ironic is that? Personally, I see this as repressed people with misplaced anger. They (the terrorists) need to check out how their own governments are keeping them down, before blaming the Free Word. The MAN is everywhere, he doesn't discriminate, he wants to keep you down, that's how he stays in power. If given the power to vote, and given some charge in the direction their countries take, wouldn't most people be a little happier?

What possible good can come of killing 40 some odd people in London? Look you already pissed off the USA, do you really want the United Kingdom coming at you with a vengeance, too? Are you going to hit Moscow, Beijing, Paris, and Berlin next? The world is getting tired of this shit. Know this you P*ssies, the cries of your cause are lost in the deafness, caused by the explosions of your violence.

I just hope London comes a callin', because the Brits will stick a boot so far in your ass, that lump in your throat will be their big toe.

That's all for ball.


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