Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Well, it figures

We lost 8-5, surprised? I'm not at all surprised, in fact I almost expected a loss. If we could get the pitchers of the Washington Nationals, and the Batters from this team together, I think it would be a pretty well-rounded team. But, as it stands right now our pitching just plain sucks!

The following Mariners need to pack up their stuff and go:

Jo-El 'Blondie' Pinero.......your "pitching" and velocity suck
Matt 'The Pitching Machine' just plain suck
Scott 'Strikeout' Spiezio.....How are we going to trade you, when you suck?
Miguel 'Passed Ball' do know you suck, right?
Dave 'The Pinch Hit' Hansen.....good hit, you suck bag
Bryan 'THE Teacher' Price, your pitchers suck......Teach.
Mike 'The Strategist' Hargrove....your managing skills suck
Bill 'The Brain' Bavassi.......You're gauge is showing about five microns you suck so bad.

15.5 GB/.227 (good job Jose)


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