Thursday, July 21, 2005

"What, me worry?"

Appropriate words from Alfred E. Newman, that describes me and my feelings toward this team. I have written here before that I understand that this IS a rebuilding year. I just don't think Bill Bavassi realizes that. I don't see the trades that one would normally expect. Are we really that bad? Bad, to the point that nobody sees enough talent to offer or respond to an offer? I say put Willie F-n Bloomquist up on the block. I know their aren't many fans for this guy out there. But, Willie did have a good run going with his bat. That was enough for me to jump off the hater bandwagon. Why? Because Willie was really the only one showing production. I say give Willie a chance to become an everyday player. It seems he does a whole lot better at that, than as a Pinch Hitter. If not with the Seattle Mariners, than with another team that may see whatever talent it is that Willie possesses.

Now to talk about the piece of crap game that was 'played today'. For a man that thinks so much of himself, Jo-El Pinero is shit for a pitcher. The man is 3-6 as of today. You have to ask yourself, is this the best we can do for the rotation? Why don't you try using Jo-El in a relief slot. It's not like we couldn't use help there. What's the matter afraid we might offend Jo-El, by pulling him from the rotation? It's not like he's a solid producer in that position, is it? The man gave up two Home Runs, one of which was a three-run job given up to Hillenbrand. Here is what Grover had to say.

' "[Pineiro] had the one bad inning and gave up those four runs," Mariners manager Mike Hargrove said. "The pitch that Hillenbrand hit out looked like he hit a pretty decent pitch. ... Other than that, I thought he threw the ball well." '

Other than the four strikeouts Mike, I don't see how you can say a pitcher with a 5.72 era only had one bad inning? Isn't that averaged runs over innings pitched? Doesn't Jo-El's record of 3-6 speak volumes? Everyone likes to bad mouth Meche, but I think a better target is this joker.

So the stupid platooning of catcher continues. Pat Borders still sharing the position with Miguel Olivo. Could someone PLEASE make a decision here. It's not like we have a Varitek/Mirabelli situation. For those of you that don't know Mirabelli is the exclusive catcher for Tim Wakefield, who is a solid knuckleballer. Varitek handles everyone else.

I think the batting was better than the pitching today. So, the game ball will go to Sexson. My man Jose Lopez went 0-4 today.



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