Tuesday, July 05, 2005

What a streak!!!!!

That winning streak lasted two whole games. Our offense has definitely heated up, but our pitching just plain sucks. I can only hope that our FO sees the same, and gets some much needed help for the pitching staff. Matt Thornton just doesn't have it. Meche made a mess of it, and the combo of Putz/Villone almost won it. (At least nobody got a hit off of them.)

C'mon Meche seven runs, five of which were earned, in just a little over three innings? WTF is that all about? Hell anytime you have to go to the bullpen is the fourth, you know it's going to make for a 'great game'. I'm just glad the batters came up with some good hits tonight. All of you guys did great tonight. Thought it was interesting that Snelling was pulled in the middle of his at-bat, because of a corresponding K.C. pitching change. Chris (who was a PH). Was replaced by PH Scott Spiezio, who showed that his current BA of .059, is not a joke, it's actually quite factual.

I need to make a formal apology to Willie 'F-n' Bloomquest. Willie went 3-3 tonight, with two RBI's, one run, and one walk tonight. I'm sorry Willie, it looks like you just need to play more instead of warming that bench. I imagine Pinch Hitting and Pinch Running are not your forte. I'm sorry for my previous post.

It looks like we will be going 16 GB, with tonight's loss.


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