Sunday, August 28, 2005


Everybody likes a winner. For many fans it was ten years ago that they found out that Baseball was actually played in Seattle. What a season, right? I guess you could call the 2005 Mariners the antithesis to the team that played ten years ago. We have two players from that team that are still on this team. One is gimped out for the season. The other guy, well he has lost his game in my opinion. In fact whenever I see his name come up for relief pitching I cringe. I'm sure Nelson is a good guy, and maybe even a mentor to some of the younger guys. He certainly is not scared to voice an opinion. I think maybe the team should reconsider bringing him back next year.

We split the series with Chicago, that's pretty good if you ask me. But, then if you look at it in a different light the Sox are racked with injuries. I'm sure if we faced these guys at full strength our chances of being swept would have been a lot greater.


Ewa Beach won! I called the Hawaii team would win the whole thing. I just predicted the wrong International team, I predicted Japan not Curacao.
This was the first time I sat through and watched the whole LLWS. I was amazed at the talent these kids displayed. While watching I had fantasies of one of my sons playing at Williamsport. Will it ever happen? Who knows, it's nice to dream about it. At times I felt like I was in the stands with the parents, seeing the pride and sheer excitement in the eyes of those parents made me feel good. I have no idea why, maybe it's because most parents are too busy with their own lives. We all get caught up in what happens in our lives, it's just these folks have made sacrifices for their kids that most folks wouldn't even think about.

Did you know that one of the Hawaiian fathers actually quit his job, because the company he worked for wouldn't give him the time off to go watch his son play? I also believe the same man took out a $12,000 loan so he and the rest of his family could watch this once in a lifetime event in their son's life. Would you do that? Would you QUIT your job? I only know two words in Hawaiian. Both words I learned were from movies or TV. The first one is Aloha, which everyone knows, and the second is Ohana (Thanks Lilo). To the father that quit is job Ohana meant everything, because Ohana means family. (I apologize if I murdered the spelling.)
Someone in Hawaii give that man a job!

Speaking of Ohana, I need to spend some time with mine. I'll see you folks next Saturday.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Journeyman wins, where User fails

Hey User, did you watch Harris pitch tonight? The man allowed only four, count them 1-2-3-4, hits over seven innings. What is that, like one inning for you? It seems that bats came alive for Harris. I'll bet that just chaps your ass to no end. After all the team just folds when you are on the mound, right?

When I first started this blog Brett Boone was my target. I wrote terrible things about him. You are now the target of my distaste. I wish the team would have given you a bus ticket back to Spiro when they dropped Speizio. What have you done for this team lately? What have you done except point fingers at everyone else to explain why the game was lost? Look in the mirror are the problem.

This guy Harris has been all over the world pitching, just waiting for a chance to go to the show. He has humility, and savors each day that he gets to put on that uniform. It's just too bad that people like the User feel like they are entitled to wear it, just because of what they did in the past. Just ask Boone and Speizio where that got them.

Mr. Harris, I hope your stay in Seattle is a long one. You're attitude, and your pitching are a breath of fresh air.


Wednesday, August 24, 2005


I would like to say Hallo to my visitor from Norway. Hvordan har du det? It's nice of you to drop by. My Paternal family is from Kongsberg. They immigrated here during the 1800's. I hope to visit your country in the future.

Users, Hurricanes, and LLWS

1) User pitched again tonight. I'm sure the 8-1 loss is because User didn't get any run support. I listened to Davey Johnson manager of the 1986 Mets interviewed on the Terry Bowden ESPN Florida radio show today. Davey believes that Palmiero's record and other accused USERS should have their records remain intact. He believes that Steroids and other supplements were not banned earlier in the careers of these players so the records should stand. Here is my contention Davey.......Although not banned, Steroids has been illegal. Palmiero was busted for the same 'supplement' as Ben Johnson the drug in question is called STANOZOLOL.

2) Another freaking Tropical Storm/Hurricane is headed toward Florida. Last years batch left me homeless for six weeks, and set me behind financially for a lot longer. I hope that damn storm just hooks right out to sea. I don't want to see anyone else suffer like we did. Did you know that there are still some homes with tarps on the roofs?

3) LLWS tonight the Florida team lost against the boys from Vista, Ca. I understand there was a disputed call on a grand slam homer. I think the team even if they had won tonight would get their hats handed to them by the Ewa Beach, Hawaii team. Those boys are the best team I have seen play yet. My prediction is the Japanese against the boys from Hawaii for the title.

Saturday, August 20, 2005


To quote an old icon from my youth.............'ack!'

That was the sound that Bill the Cat used to make all of the time. I always wondered if ol' Bill was choking on a hairball all the time. Someone should have given Bill some mineral oil, maybe he could have spoke. Tonight I just wonder if maybe Bill was just watching the Mariners CHOKE!

For crying out loud quit helping these other teams rack up the wins! Spoiler is not a bad label to have placed upon this team. But, to get that title we need to spoil THEIR lives, not ours.

Ok, Felix Rex runs the show in the next game. It's too bad we didn't have four or five more Felix's on the team.

The following pitchers need to be given the boot at the end of the season.

1) The User....the 'roid rages, and blame games need to be ended, along with his 'career'.

2) Meche....unless the man can come up with some consistency, although I highly doubt that will happen.

3) Putz.............I prefer to pronounce his name like LUTZ, it fits better.

4) Thornton.......same as Meche, or change him to a situational pitcher.

I'll see you folks on Wednesday, I'm taking some time off.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Users are losers ***Updated***

The User pitched tonight. He gave up a three run dinger in the first. He gave up two more runs later in the game. The User didn't really look that bad after he got into his rhythm. The User gave up eleven hits, five runs, one run, and four strikeouts. However the User's hissy fit and his actions toward Coach Price were inexcusible. I don't care how 'passionate' you are User. You acted like an ass, and should have acted a little more professional. You are a professional aren't you User? The following comments I lifted from the PI don't sound very professional to me.

'The home run was one thing, a bad pitch. But we had a chance to turn a double play (in the bottom of the first) and didn't get one. When you make the pitch you want and get the grounder you want and don't get the result you want, that can be frustrating, sure." '

For a guy that claims that you don't use illegal suppliments, you sure show all the signs of 'roid rage'.

The offense had it's own problems with a fantastic suckfest against the opposing pitcher. They helped bring his ERA down to 5.00, I'm sure he appreciated the help guys. The game was pretty close, many times I thought the offense would come through. Beltre did get a Home Run, too bad it was a single. So many chances were blown tonight. Eighteen men were left stranded, that is pitiful.

As far as the Bullpen goes, Sherrill did pretty good. He walked one, and had two strike-outs.
Putz was awful.....He was only in for one out in the eighth, he gave up four hits, two runs, and no strikeouts.

Spiezio actually made contact with the ball for a hit....a single.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Hollow Sweep

I want to be really excited for this series sweep. Instead it feels very hollow, it's almost like it was a teaser. Something to get me all excited and worked up about this season. Instead it makes me think about what could have been this year.

Tomorrow we have a chance to go into a spoiler role, instead of an being the easy win we have been.

-14.5 { Wildcard Race ;) }


Wednesday, August 17, 2005

What Now?

I mean what do I write? Do I write about what a fantastic game it was? It really wasn't, we won, but looking at it on Gameday didn't make it real exciting to me. I'm happy that we won, very happy. I'm not excited though, give me three or four more wins, then I will get excited. Give me a real preview about how well this team will do next year. Show me that Yuni will get better at the plate. Show me that Beltre will deserve the contract he received. Find a primary man to do catcher and stick with him.

You want to really impress me, win your remaining games. Give your fans better than Scott Spiezio as DH, or pinch hitter. This team has potential, but behaves like a student that is a classic underacheiver. I love this team, just give me more of what I like, exciting games that come out in OUR favor on a consistent basis.

I'm really talking about next year, it needs to be better next year. Find the chemistry this year, and make it happen in 2006. All I ask is that we not be another easy win for the other teams, so they can rack up the W's for their run to the playoffs. In fact let the Mariners be the spoilers. Hell if you can't go, why help the other guys go?


Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Someone Clone Felix.......Quick!

When was the last time this ballclub had a dominating pitcher like Felix? I would have to say it was when Randy Johnson was still here, long before he went over to the Dark Side with A-Rot.

Eight innings three hits and one run, and best of all eleven (11) strike-outs! His closer, Jeff Nelson allowed three hits and two runs in just one inning of play. It was a good thing the offense was not bullied by R. Hernandez tonight or that relief pitching could have cost us the game.

I haven't posted for a few days because the series with the Angels just made me sick. I actually had a whole post all written down, but before I hit the publish button I re-read it, and was amazed at the venom I was spewing. I decided to just let dead things lay.

We did hit the 50 win mark.......I was really wondering if that was ever going to happen. Thirteen or so more games and we beat last years debacle.

In other news Randy Winn hits the cycle for the Giants.......I guess the albatross is off his back.


Saturday, August 13, 2005


Wow, take a few days off from this, and it seems the Mariners did too. I want to thank Ryan Franklin for showing up today. He did a fantastic job of pitching batting practice to the Angels. Ryan increased his ERA today by allowing eight earned runs in less than five innings of play. That was a fantastic job Ryan, not many Pitchers in MLB can accomplish such a feat, and still remain a player in the big leagues. At least your arm was well rested so you could get the ball to the batters.

I just about fell out of my chair when I saw Scott Spiezio's name next to DH. Could we please change that position to Designated Out (DO)? He's really getting a piece of that ball......excellent job today Scott, probably as good as Ryan's game today.

Can we please break the fifty win mark, please? I realize .500 for the season was just a pipe dream, but is fifty wins?

-17.5/.048 for our DO

Thursday, August 11, 2005


Errors, they'll get you everytime. This game was pretty much wrapped up for a win, and then Willie's throwing error happened. His error allowed the tying run go to second base. Then Willie had a chance to redeem himself in the bottom of the ninth, instead he opted to get out stranding runners at the corners.

The funny part was that I was all set to give Willie huge compliments for batting .500 for the game.........key word here is WAS. We almost had a sweep, a freaking sweep! Damnit Willie!

The game went 14 innings, and Shiggy imploded allowing four runs. Our guys couldn't pull it off, they kept leaving runners in scoring position all night long. So, even though Willie blew it with the error, others can carry blame too.
Hey Yuni, take a few pitches, it's ok to be a little patient. (Someone take him fishing, that would teach him a little patience, take Sexson too.)


Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Felix Rex

Many folks have taken to calling Felix Hernandez 'The King'. I have now entered into those ranks. His pitching tonight was phenomenal, eight innings with only five hits allowed, and no runs PERIOD.

Our only score, which was enough to win the game, came off of a Yuni triple that took Jeremy Reed home. That was a really good game. It seems the team has a future, and it's King held court today.

Unfortunately the Angels are killing the A's, so we will not advance any in the AL West standings.


Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Win 5-4

Just a quick note about the game last night. I feel Meche did fairly well in his time on the mound. It wasn't a spectacular dominating display, but he did ok. The bullpen really did a great job of holding it together until the offense could come through for the win.

I would like to propose that Reed or Morse move up in the line-up to #4. By moving another ok hitter up in the line-up it could keep Sexson and/or Beltre from belting single homers if the first three batters don't get on in the previous inning.


Monday, August 08, 2005

Time Out for Peter Jennings

Growing up in Bellingham during the 70's and 80's was probably a privilege that few will understand. I had the opportunity to watch the Baby M's whenever I could, I could go fishing in Whatcom Creek, Lake Padden, The Nooksack, or Silver Lake. I went swimming in the summer time in many of those places as well. I was also lucky enough to grow up across the street from the Samish Twin Drive-in on Lincoln St. That meant that I could watch movies from the kitchen window, or the front yard. (Especially in the earlier years, because the theater had provided us and a neighbor some speakers.)

The thing is, when I did come in the house for dinner at dusk, I watched World News Tonight. My mom was and still is an ABC/KOMO purist. All of the Soap Operas she watched, when not working, were on channel 4. All of her/our news was dished to us from Channel 4.

I remember watching the news every night, all of the broadcasts from 5:00-7:00 pm. I came to feel Peter Jennings was a member of the family. His being Canadian never really bothered me. I lived less than 20 miles from border, I heard Canadian accents all the time. Hell, when I joined the Navy the recruiter had to remind me that Canada was a different country, because I had marked that I had never left the US on my security questionnaire.
Peter's voice was unique, he didn't have the DEEP bass of Brokaw, nor did he sound like Dan'What's the Frequency Kenneth?' Rather. He had a kind inflection to his voice. Whether it be real, or imagined Peter had a way of making you feel like he cared about the goings on of the world. A High School drop-out, Peter was the exception, instead of the rule. He was very good and very successful at his chosen profession. I hope that the next Anchor will carry on some of Peter's tradition of being a reporter first, and a talking head second.

This also makes me wonder whatever became of the following KOMO personalities;

Ruth Walsh
Bill Brubaker
Bruce King
Jim Harriet (Trivia: Jim had a cameo in the movie War Games)
Ray Ramsey (I'm sure has since passed away) I remember when Ray did the weather, and he had these different weather icons that he's put on the map. When the icons hit the map it seemed they would become animated. That was all before Bluescreen (green) technology came to TV.

I will miss you Mr. play ball.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

No Support

Jeff Harris gave up all three of Chicago's runs today. That was over 5.2 innings pitched. For some of Seattle's pitchers those three runs would have been given away in the first inning, more than likely with the first three at-bats. He's a 31 year old rookie, that so far has pitched pretty good in my opinion.

Where were we lacking? Today it was at the plate. I do keep in mind that it was John Garland pitching today, so I kind of understand the lack of hits. Still that does not explain Scott Spiezio's appearance today as a PH.
Spiezio is to Pinch Hitting, like ______ is to ________. (fill in your own comparison) I'm thinking this guy should have gone the way of Boone, before Boone. And anyone that read my Boone posts know how much of a dislike I had for him. Oh, and Hansen, there's another awesome Pinch Hitter, if I ever saw one.

Quit getting veteran has-beens, or never-was-anybody's around these young players Grover. We don't need their kind of help. There has to be some young man looking to break into the bigs that has a real strong bat somewhere in the organization.

A final note on Steroids. The Mariners have the most hits for usage than any other franchise. WTF is going on with this team, and it's farm teams? Erradicate the users. Get rid of them, make a zero tolerance Mariner Drug Policy. Is there anything written that says your cannot improve upon the MLB policy? If you can't get rid of them for using, then find another reason to cut the user during the season, or at next years Spring Training.

-16.5/.057 Spiezio's BA

Friday, August 05, 2005

How Come?

Jo-El, why can't you be that kind of pitcher everytime your your turn comes in the rotation? What finally caused you to get your act together, so that you could pitch to your potential? Your answers don't really matter, I am just glad you did the job.

This is the way the team should play all of the time. Maybe we will see this kind of performance frequently the rest of this season, and on into next year.

Since Tampa and the Angels are still playing I won't record the standings.

Thursday, August 04, 2005


As I have written here before, I understand the year for Mariners is basically done and the rest of the season is just a science experiment. But, does that mean the Mariners have to pad the other teams standings with wins?
Grover could you give a line-up more than one day, to see if it can be productive? I believe just this week alone we have seen at least three different line-ups, including different players in the field at various positions. What is the thought process behind putting Scott Spiezio in at DH, and taking Yuni out of the game? Scott Spiezio is Brett Boone, only different. What I mean is at least Brett had a batting average in the low .200's compared to the astronomical figure of .059 that Scott currently sports. Why this guy has not been released from the team is a complete mystery, except for the fact that both Bavasi and Spiezio came from the Angels.

Felix didn't do too bad, and in reality the bullpen pulled through too. In fact it was the offense that sucked this game. But really who can blame the players when there is no set pattern. A clear objective for this team has not been set. The Skipper seems really indecisive as to what he wants to see his team accomplish. My only hope was that this one game was Scott Spiezio's last chance in a Mariner's uniform. If that isn't the case, then maybe we should start calling for some real leadership for this team.


Wednesday, August 03, 2005

You win one and then you don't

Normally when your team scores seven runs you'd expect to see a win next to their name. Not in this case. Gil Meche went down fast, he actually pitched to all nine Detroit batters in the first inning. I'm not going to be real hard on Gil. We actually come to expect inconsistancy from our pitching staff. A fact of life for Seattle fans is that our pitchers will hand the game over to the other side. But, that's ok, and tomorrow that will begin to change.

To our credit, tonight's line-up was fantastic. Just the way I imagined it should look like. Willie Bloomquist is hitting good again, and playing second base. Mike Morse was DH, and Yuni, he was where he should be at SS. Andre Beltre hit a first pitch, three-run dinger in the 4th. Willie Bloomquist went 3-5, with three scored runs, and one strike-out. Willie and Andre win the game ball from me. I don't have anyone to give a brick to, except me. I give myself the brick because I got caught up in the moment yesterday, and actually dreamed we would sweep the series. Optimism, is a terrible disease...........but I still have next year!


Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Dead Weight

With some of the dead weight gone from the clubhouse it seems the team may have found it's stride. I won't get too excited until I see an actual winning streak take form.

It's too bad about Campillo hurting himself, one inning into his 'comeback' and there goes the arm. Hopefully the injury won't be too bad, and he will recover fast.

Ok Bill Bavasi, I will give you a chance to see if this experiment of yours works. I just can't believe you waited so long to put some kind of plan into action. Maybe if you would have expedited your plans, when you got rid of Boone, many of us wouldn't be so critical. I'm not sure if it would have made a difference one way or another. But, I do know it was possible to give this team some life, instead of just pretending we had a shot.

Grover......Dave Hansen as DH? Why not Mike Morse? At least Mike has a better BA.

Now everyone root for Baltimore to win against the Angels.

Rafael Palmiero and Ryan Franklin.........Users

I don't know exactly what I should say here. To most folks it would be 'Ryan who?' To a Seattle fan, it hits a little harder than that. Should we give him a break? I really don't know the answer to that. I know how it makes me feel. I feel like Ryan should be suspended for the rest of the season. I feel like he should lose his job. Most everyone else in the workplace is subject to random urinalysis, and found being a user of a controlled substance, you are let go. I'm not saying that is the case for everyone, in my case it's true.

Remember when everyone made fun of Jose Canseco for coming out with his story? Remember how everyone felt he had betrayed the game of baseball? Yes Jose did betray the game, when he brought the Steroids into the locker room, not when he exposed how rampant the use had become. Remember Rafael Palmiero testifying so adamantly and pointing his finger at the Congressional hearings? Makes you wonder who the real liars are, doesn't it?

Oh, what I wrote about Rafael deserving to be in the Hall, and what a class act he is? I take that all back.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Let Me Get This Straight

You're going to release Aaron Sele, but keep trouble Child Jo-El? I can somewhat see the other trades, somewhat. But, Sele out? I realize the man isn't very popular. My burning question is why release one, but not the other? It's not like Jo-El is any more consistent on the mound. In fact, in my opinion he is worse. What makes him worse in my book is his cocky attitude. I really don't mind cocky in a player, in fact I like it. But, the player has to be able to back up the attitude. Has Jo-El shown that his attitude can be backed up? Um, no in fact my favorite bottle blonde has a terrible ERA, and record. But, hell let's keep him on the team anyway. After all we are paying him all that money, who cares if he actually earns it.

Villone goes to Florida for some prospects. Sounds good to me, I'm all about the prospects. I just want to see some good baseball come out of all of this.