Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Dead Weight

With some of the dead weight gone from the clubhouse it seems the team may have found it's stride. I won't get too excited until I see an actual winning streak take form.

It's too bad about Campillo hurting himself, one inning into his 'comeback' and there goes the arm. Hopefully the injury won't be too bad, and he will recover fast.

Ok Bill Bavasi, I will give you a chance to see if this experiment of yours works. I just can't believe you waited so long to put some kind of plan into action. Maybe if you would have expedited your plans, when you got rid of Boone, many of us wouldn't be so critical. I'm not sure if it would have made a difference one way or another. But, I do know it was possible to give this team some life, instead of just pretending we had a shot.

Grover......Dave Hansen as DH? Why not Mike Morse? At least Mike has a better BA.

Now everyone root for Baltimore to win against the Angels.


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