Thursday, August 11, 2005


Errors, they'll get you everytime. This game was pretty much wrapped up for a win, and then Willie's throwing error happened. His error allowed the tying run go to second base. Then Willie had a chance to redeem himself in the bottom of the ninth, instead he opted to get out stranding runners at the corners.

The funny part was that I was all set to give Willie huge compliments for batting .500 for the game.........key word here is WAS. We almost had a sweep, a freaking sweep! Damnit Willie!

The game went 14 innings, and Shiggy imploded allowing four runs. Our guys couldn't pull it off, they kept leaving runners in scoring position all night long. So, even though Willie blew it with the error, others can carry blame too.
Hey Yuni, take a few pitches, it's ok to be a little patient. (Someone take him fishing, that would teach him a little patience, take Sexson too.)



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