Thursday, August 25, 2005

Journeyman wins, where User fails

Hey User, did you watch Harris pitch tonight? The man allowed only four, count them 1-2-3-4, hits over seven innings. What is that, like one inning for you? It seems that bats came alive for Harris. I'll bet that just chaps your ass to no end. After all the team just folds when you are on the mound, right?

When I first started this blog Brett Boone was my target. I wrote terrible things about him. You are now the target of my distaste. I wish the team would have given you a bus ticket back to Spiro when they dropped Speizio. What have you done for this team lately? What have you done except point fingers at everyone else to explain why the game was lost? Look in the mirror are the problem.

This guy Harris has been all over the world pitching, just waiting for a chance to go to the show. He has humility, and savors each day that he gets to put on that uniform. It's just too bad that people like the User feel like they are entitled to wear it, just because of what they did in the past. Just ask Boone and Speizio where that got them.

Mr. Harris, I hope your stay in Seattle is a long one. You're attitude, and your pitching are a breath of fresh air.



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