Thursday, August 04, 2005


As I have written here before, I understand the year for Mariners is basically done and the rest of the season is just a science experiment. But, does that mean the Mariners have to pad the other teams standings with wins?
Grover could you give a line-up more than one day, to see if it can be productive? I believe just this week alone we have seen at least three different line-ups, including different players in the field at various positions. What is the thought process behind putting Scott Spiezio in at DH, and taking Yuni out of the game? Scott Spiezio is Brett Boone, only different. What I mean is at least Brett had a batting average in the low .200's compared to the astronomical figure of .059 that Scott currently sports. Why this guy has not been released from the team is a complete mystery, except for the fact that both Bavasi and Spiezio came from the Angels.

Felix didn't do too bad, and in reality the bullpen pulled through too. In fact it was the offense that sucked this game. But really who can blame the players when there is no set pattern. A clear objective for this team has not been set. The Skipper seems really indecisive as to what he wants to see his team accomplish. My only hope was that this one game was Scott Spiezio's last chance in a Mariner's uniform. If that isn't the case, then maybe we should start calling for some real leadership for this team.



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