Monday, August 01, 2005

Let Me Get This Straight

You're going to release Aaron Sele, but keep trouble Child Jo-El? I can somewhat see the other trades, somewhat. But, Sele out? I realize the man isn't very popular. My burning question is why release one, but not the other? It's not like Jo-El is any more consistent on the mound. In fact, in my opinion he is worse. What makes him worse in my book is his cocky attitude. I really don't mind cocky in a player, in fact I like it. But, the player has to be able to back up the attitude. Has Jo-El shown that his attitude can be backed up? Um, no in fact my favorite bottle blonde has a terrible ERA, and record. But, hell let's keep him on the team anyway. After all we are paying him all that money, who cares if he actually earns it.

Villone goes to Florida for some prospects. Sounds good to me, I'm all about the prospects. I just want to see some good baseball come out of all of this.


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Hey Bro, your blog is hard to read... change the colors!

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