Sunday, August 07, 2005

No Support

Jeff Harris gave up all three of Chicago's runs today. That was over 5.2 innings pitched. For some of Seattle's pitchers those three runs would have been given away in the first inning, more than likely with the first three at-bats. He's a 31 year old rookie, that so far has pitched pretty good in my opinion.

Where were we lacking? Today it was at the plate. I do keep in mind that it was John Garland pitching today, so I kind of understand the lack of hits. Still that does not explain Scott Spiezio's appearance today as a PH.
Spiezio is to Pinch Hitting, like ______ is to ________. (fill in your own comparison) I'm thinking this guy should have gone the way of Boone, before Boone. And anyone that read my Boone posts know how much of a dislike I had for him. Oh, and Hansen, there's another awesome Pinch Hitter, if I ever saw one.

Quit getting veteran has-beens, or never-was-anybody's around these young players Grover. We don't need their kind of help. There has to be some young man looking to break into the bigs that has a real strong bat somewhere in the organization.

A final note on Steroids. The Mariners have the most hits for usage than any other franchise. WTF is going on with this team, and it's farm teams? Erradicate the users. Get rid of them, make a zero tolerance Mariner Drug Policy. Is there anything written that says your cannot improve upon the MLB policy? If you can't get rid of them for using, then find another reason to cut the user during the season, or at next years Spring Training.

-16.5/.057 Spiezio's BA


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