Wednesday, August 24, 2005


I would like to say Hallo to my visitor from Norway. Hvordan har du det? It's nice of you to drop by. My Paternal family is from Kongsberg. They immigrated here during the 1800's. I hope to visit your country in the future.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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12:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yahoo! and SBC "Roll Out" Service to Customers Who Could Already Get It
Either I'm missing something obvious , or this is the most pointless, hyping press release: Yahoo! and SBC are rolloing out Yahoo! Music Unlimited to customers of SBC Yahoo! DSL.
Hiya! Thanks for the comment on my blog...Wish I'd come across yours before I bought my domain...LOL! :-)
So you have a visitor coming your way. I read these things. :)

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12:40 AM  
Blogger Paul said...


Anyone know how to STOP the Spammers?

4:13 AM  

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