Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Someone Clone Felix.......Quick!

When was the last time this ballclub had a dominating pitcher like Felix? I would have to say it was when Randy Johnson was still here, long before he went over to the Dark Side with A-Rot.

Eight innings three hits and one run, and best of all eleven (11) strike-outs! His closer, Jeff Nelson allowed three hits and two runs in just one inning of play. It was a good thing the offense was not bullied by R. Hernandez tonight or that relief pitching could have cost us the game.

I haven't posted for a few days because the series with the Angels just made me sick. I actually had a whole post all written down, but before I hit the publish button I re-read it, and was amazed at the venom I was spewing. I decided to just let dead things lay.

We did hit the 50 win mark.......I was really wondering if that was ever going to happen. Thirteen or so more games and we beat last years debacle.

In other news Randy Winn hits the cycle for the Giants.......I guess the albatross is off his back.



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