Monday, August 08, 2005

Time Out for Peter Jennings

Growing up in Bellingham during the 70's and 80's was probably a privilege that few will understand. I had the opportunity to watch the Baby M's whenever I could, I could go fishing in Whatcom Creek, Lake Padden, The Nooksack, or Silver Lake. I went swimming in the summer time in many of those places as well. I was also lucky enough to grow up across the street from the Samish Twin Drive-in on Lincoln St. That meant that I could watch movies from the kitchen window, or the front yard. (Especially in the earlier years, because the theater had provided us and a neighbor some speakers.)

The thing is, when I did come in the house for dinner at dusk, I watched World News Tonight. My mom was and still is an ABC/KOMO purist. All of the Soap Operas she watched, when not working, were on channel 4. All of her/our news was dished to us from Channel 4.

I remember watching the news every night, all of the broadcasts from 5:00-7:00 pm. I came to feel Peter Jennings was a member of the family. His being Canadian never really bothered me. I lived less than 20 miles from border, I heard Canadian accents all the time. Hell, when I joined the Navy the recruiter had to remind me that Canada was a different country, because I had marked that I had never left the US on my security questionnaire.
Peter's voice was unique, he didn't have the DEEP bass of Brokaw, nor did he sound like Dan'What's the Frequency Kenneth?' Rather. He had a kind inflection to his voice. Whether it be real, or imagined Peter had a way of making you feel like he cared about the goings on of the world. A High School drop-out, Peter was the exception, instead of the rule. He was very good and very successful at his chosen profession. I hope that the next Anchor will carry on some of Peter's tradition of being a reporter first, and a talking head second.

This also makes me wonder whatever became of the following KOMO personalities;

Ruth Walsh
Bill Brubaker
Bruce King
Jim Harriet (Trivia: Jim had a cameo in the movie War Games)
Ray Ramsey (I'm sure has since passed away) I remember when Ray did the weather, and he had these different weather icons that he's put on the map. When the icons hit the map it seemed they would become animated. That was all before Bluescreen (green) technology came to TV.

I will miss you Mr. play ball.


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