Friday, August 19, 2005

Users are losers ***Updated***

The User pitched tonight. He gave up a three run dinger in the first. He gave up two more runs later in the game. The User didn't really look that bad after he got into his rhythm. The User gave up eleven hits, five runs, one run, and four strikeouts. However the User's hissy fit and his actions toward Coach Price were inexcusible. I don't care how 'passionate' you are User. You acted like an ass, and should have acted a little more professional. You are a professional aren't you User? The following comments I lifted from the PI don't sound very professional to me.

'The home run was one thing, a bad pitch. But we had a chance to turn a double play (in the bottom of the first) and didn't get one. When you make the pitch you want and get the grounder you want and don't get the result you want, that can be frustrating, sure." '

For a guy that claims that you don't use illegal suppliments, you sure show all the signs of 'roid rage'.

The offense had it's own problems with a fantastic suckfest against the opposing pitcher. They helped bring his ERA down to 5.00, I'm sure he appreciated the help guys. The game was pretty close, many times I thought the offense would come through. Beltre did get a Home Run, too bad it was a single. So many chances were blown tonight. Eighteen men were left stranded, that is pitiful.

As far as the Bullpen goes, Sherrill did pretty good. He walked one, and had two strike-outs.
Putz was awful.....He was only in for one out in the eighth, he gave up four hits, two runs, and no strikeouts.

Spiezio actually made contact with the ball for a hit....a single.


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