Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Users, Hurricanes, and LLWS

1) User pitched again tonight. I'm sure the 8-1 loss is because User didn't get any run support. I listened to Davey Johnson manager of the 1986 Mets interviewed on the Terry Bowden ESPN Florida radio show today. Davey believes that Palmiero's record and other accused USERS should have their records remain intact. He believes that Steroids and other supplements were not banned earlier in the careers of these players so the records should stand. Here is my contention Davey.......Although not banned, Steroids has been illegal. Palmiero was busted for the same 'supplement' as Ben Johnson the drug in question is called STANOZOLOL.

2) Another freaking Tropical Storm/Hurricane is headed toward Florida. Last years batch left me homeless for six weeks, and set me behind financially for a lot longer. I hope that damn storm just hooks right out to sea. I don't want to see anyone else suffer like we did. Did you know that there are still some homes with tarps on the roofs?

3) LLWS tonight the Florida team lost against the boys from Vista, Ca. I understand there was a disputed call on a grand slam homer. I think the team even if they had won tonight would get their hats handed to them by the Ewa Beach, Hawaii team. Those boys are the best team I have seen play yet. My prediction is the Japanese against the boys from Hawaii for the title.


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