Wednesday, August 17, 2005

What Now?

I mean what do I write? Do I write about what a fantastic game it was? It really wasn't, we won, but looking at it on Gameday didn't make it real exciting to me. I'm happy that we won, very happy. I'm not excited though, give me three or four more wins, then I will get excited. Give me a real preview about how well this team will do next year. Show me that Yuni will get better at the plate. Show me that Beltre will deserve the contract he received. Find a primary man to do catcher and stick with him.

You want to really impress me, win your remaining games. Give your fans better than Scott Spiezio as DH, or pinch hitter. This team has potential, but behaves like a student that is a classic underacheiver. I love this team, just give me more of what I like, exciting games that come out in OUR favor on a consistent basis.

I'm really talking about next year, it needs to be better next year. Find the chemistry this year, and make it happen in 2006. All I ask is that we not be another easy win for the other teams, so they can rack up the W's for their run to the playoffs. In fact let the Mariners be the spoilers. Hell if you can't go, why help the other guys go?



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