Sunday, August 28, 2005


Everybody likes a winner. For many fans it was ten years ago that they found out that Baseball was actually played in Seattle. What a season, right? I guess you could call the 2005 Mariners the antithesis to the team that played ten years ago. We have two players from that team that are still on this team. One is gimped out for the season. The other guy, well he has lost his game in my opinion. In fact whenever I see his name come up for relief pitching I cringe. I'm sure Nelson is a good guy, and maybe even a mentor to some of the younger guys. He certainly is not scared to voice an opinion. I think maybe the team should reconsider bringing him back next year.

We split the series with Chicago, that's pretty good if you ask me. But, then if you look at it in a different light the Sox are racked with injuries. I'm sure if we faced these guys at full strength our chances of being swept would have been a lot greater.


Ewa Beach won! I called the Hawaii team would win the whole thing. I just predicted the wrong International team, I predicted Japan not Curacao.
This was the first time I sat through and watched the whole LLWS. I was amazed at the talent these kids displayed. While watching I had fantasies of one of my sons playing at Williamsport. Will it ever happen? Who knows, it's nice to dream about it. At times I felt like I was in the stands with the parents, seeing the pride and sheer excitement in the eyes of those parents made me feel good. I have no idea why, maybe it's because most parents are too busy with their own lives. We all get caught up in what happens in our lives, it's just these folks have made sacrifices for their kids that most folks wouldn't even think about.

Did you know that one of the Hawaiian fathers actually quit his job, because the company he worked for wouldn't give him the time off to go watch his son play? I also believe the same man took out a $12,000 loan so he and the rest of his family could watch this once in a lifetime event in their son's life. Would you do that? Would you QUIT your job? I only know two words in Hawaiian. Both words I learned were from movies or TV. The first one is Aloha, which everyone knows, and the second is Ohana (Thanks Lilo). To the father that quit is job Ohana meant everything, because Ohana means family. (I apologize if I murdered the spelling.)
Someone in Hawaii give that man a job!

Speaking of Ohana, I need to spend some time with mine. I'll see you folks next Saturday.


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