Wednesday, August 03, 2005

You win one and then you don't

Normally when your team scores seven runs you'd expect to see a win next to their name. Not in this case. Gil Meche went down fast, he actually pitched to all nine Detroit batters in the first inning. I'm not going to be real hard on Gil. We actually come to expect inconsistancy from our pitching staff. A fact of life for Seattle fans is that our pitchers will hand the game over to the other side. But, that's ok, and tomorrow that will begin to change.

To our credit, tonight's line-up was fantastic. Just the way I imagined it should look like. Willie Bloomquist is hitting good again, and playing second base. Mike Morse was DH, and Yuni, he was where he should be at SS. Andre Beltre hit a first pitch, three-run dinger in the 4th. Willie Bloomquist went 3-5, with three scored runs, and one strike-out. Willie and Andre win the game ball from me. I don't have anyone to give a brick to, except me. I give myself the brick because I got caught up in the moment yesterday, and actually dreamed we would sweep the series. Optimism, is a terrible disease...........but I still have next year!



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