Friday, September 30, 2005

American League

As we enter the playoffs, and as a card carrying Yankee Hater, I feel the need to shift my support over to the Red Sox.

Right now as I write this the M's are playing against the A's, and as of the 5th Inning the M's are winning 4-0.

Does this mean that I am no longer a Mariner fan? No, this means I want the best AL team to win the World Series. I don't like the Yankees, and never have.

I will tell you this much, if the Nationals had made it into the playoffs, I would have rooted for the Nats over any AL team (Except Seattle, and that was a pipe dream this season.) Since neither team I like is in a position to enter the post season, I need to support someone. After all above all else I am a baseball fan.

Why the Red Sox?.........Chemistry would be my answer. It is one of the things missing from most clubhouses. I would also say tradition, Boston has a long history with this team. Red Sox Nation, is just that it's world-wide. If Seattle had that kind of chemistry we might have seen more wins than we did this year. If we had somone like Millar, Damon, or Ramirez things might have been alot looser in our clubhouse. The tension wouldn't have overtaken our bench, and the play would have been natural.

You can bring multi-million dollar players into the fold, but if you don't have chemistry you don't have crap.

Now where is my Yankee toilet-paper at? I feel an A-Rot coming on.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Word is...............

Sweet Lou is going to be free next season. The local media is buzzing that Lou is going to have the last year of his contract with the Devil Rays payed off, leaving him a Free Agent, (AKA Unemployed). If it weren't for the Rays pitching woes this team could have been in contention this year. They certainly put the runs on the board, it's just the pitching sucked. Lou's cheif complaint is that the team won't spend the cash needed to make the Devil Rays a successful franchise.

I say bring Lou Pinella back to Seattle. He left on good terms with the team, and with most of the fans I know. Let Lou's agressive style of play come back in here to bring this team back to where it once was.

I know many think that Lou is in the running for either New York Team's Manager job. Joe Torre isn't going anywhere folks, the season started out rough for the Yankers, but they came back. Willie Randolph isn't going anywhere either. I can't see Willie getting canned, his team plays in the toughest NL Division, and he still stayed above .500 for most of the season.

No, I say the best place for Lou is right back there in the Emerald City.

Sunday, September 25, 2005


1) Will this team be able to turn things around next year so another losing season won't happen?

2) Is Bavasi going to still have a job?

3) How about Grover....still employable?

4) Will the M's find chemistry?

I have many more questions, hopefully during the coming off season they will be answered. The rest will have to wait for 2006 season.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

A decade of change

10 years ago this team was on a roll. Ten freaking years ago we HAD a team that pulled the impossible out of it's ass. Often throughout this season, I have thought of what things were like back then.

I can't wait to see Seattle have a winning season again. I get flashbacks of the old days when our team sported the Trident logo. Those years sucked, we had some good players, that were stuck on a crappy team that just couldn't pull it together.

I have had a theory for several years now that the Seahawk training facility id built upon an Indian burial ground. Now, it seems that theory may be in question. Maybe the real problem is SODO. Maybe that is the burial ground. Think about how close the Seahawks came to excellence in the 80's. Look at the 2001 season for the Mariners where we had THE best record in Baseball, only to lose to the hated Yankers. By the way, where can a guy buy that Yankee toilet paper, I'd like a few rolls.

Frustration sucks....not only have my Seattle dreams been quashed for 2005. But, now it looks like my NL team has all but ruined it's hopes.

This site may go into hiatus until the Hot Stove League starts. At best my posts will be spotty for the rest of the season.

Let's come out and show the rest of the League a winner in 2006 guys.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Mr. Baseball

Anyone remember that movie? Tom Selleck played a MLB player sent to Japan as his last playing stint. I loved that movie, I thought the movie portrayed Japanese Baseball in a pretty solid light. Seeing the Japanese fans slurp noodles, instead of choking down a sausage, or cracking peanuts in the stands was awesome. Someday I hope to visit Japan, my wish would be to watch a game there. What does this have to do with the Mariners? I guess really nothing except we have a couple of Japanese players on our team. Oh, and Nintendo owns the team. Other than those two items....nothing.

Richie Sexson comes through in the ninth with some grand slam action. Good for you man. Keep going and doing stuff like that. You may as well improve your stats, because as you very well know we are sitting this thing out come October. I want you to think of the rest of your season as Fall Training. In fact I want ALL of you players to feel that way. I also want everyone to be real nice to Atchinson, and Meche. Wins don't really matter right now for us. However, we are still the Seattle Spoilers for the rest of this season. Let's be a little evil, and spoil someone else's chances for playoff potential. Now everyone practice an evil EEEEEVEIIL! There, that's better.

Monday, September 19, 2005


I thought I would share a bit of when I saw my last Mariner game in person. I may have already posted a little of it earlier, but it's not like I go through my own archives and research this crap I write here.

It was back in 1998, when it was just me, Mrs. Marty, and my oldest son. The company I work for offered game tickets to us at a discount. We could buy these tickets through payroll deduction. So, being a fan, and seeing an opportunity to introduce my family to one of my passions....I went for it.

The day of the game came, and we made the drive from Bellingham to Seattle. I parked near the new stadium under construction (Safeco) and we made the walk over to the Kingdome. I wasn't really sure what kind of seats we had, and had I known, I would have upgraded. We were in the upper tier along the 1st baseline. WAYYYYY up there. My wife was not used to that type of seating, and from our ear popping perch, she felt that we were going to fall onto the field. She actually placed her arm across my son's chest so he wouldn't fall.

The game was fun to watch though. Griffey and the rest looked like ants. But we had a good time anyway. I couldn't tell you who won, or what team it was we played. It didn't matter, it was family time.

Saturday, September 17, 2005


Texas just came from behind in the ninth, and won the game 7-5. Eddie blew the save. I wonder if it's just because Eddie might just be getting rusty from a lack of playing. I mean if your not in a winning situation, the closer doesn't exactly come out to pitch, right?

Oh well, at least we beat last year's record (so far), by ONE run.


I was going to post last night under this title, but I forgot to post here. We are 'Officially' eliminated from any and all playoff chances. Something that has been quite obvious to even the casual Mariner fan for some months now. The Rangers just won't let themselves be spoiled by the M's. Like I stated before it's cruise control time for us. Let's see what these younger players have to offer for our team's future.

I think it's also time to see if maybe some changes need to made in the front office and possibly another look at our current Manager. I could be very wrong with this but I really don't think Hargrove's conservative style of play, is really the route we need to be taking. It didn't work in Cleveland, and it really didn't work for Baltimore either. We need someone willing to take chances.

Thursday, September 15, 2005


The good news is we beat last year's crappy record. The better news is that we took the series against the Angels in a sweep. How's that for spoiling?

In my time away from the Blog I see that Ichiro has climbed above .300 again. Isn't it funny to think a guy is having a bad year if he doesn't acheive at least .300? I guess for most folks that would be the case. But, with Ichiro it really makes sense. The man pushes himself more than anyone else could ever push him. The man respects the game more than any other person I've ever heard of. He gets upset if his bat isn't properly stored, or his glove is mishandled. I can almost see Ichiro in front of some shrine in his homeland lighting incense to his ancestors asking for a good season. Maybe the rest of the team should take a trip to his Shrine as well.

I am pretty much in Hot Stove mode now for the M's. I hope we can get something going for the next year.

I say bring on Texas, and let's do some more spoiling!

Saturday, September 10, 2005


It's time to set this ride into cruise, and just have some fun during the closing days of this 2006 season. The team with Jamie Moyer at the Conn, seem to have done that tonight. The M's took the first game of this series with Baltimore.

The last time the O's were in town we were all wishing Palmiero congatulations on his 3,000th hit. How were we supposed to know that many of those hits were made while Raffy was juicing.

I guess the Mariners had better go through the whole organization, and clear out the Users. From what I have heard we do lead one statistic in MLB. We have the honor of having the most players busted for using. I just hope the fellas that have been busted for using in the past (Strong, Franklin, Morse, and whomever else) take it seriously and stay off of the crap. You are doing long term damage, for short term gain. It isn't worth it guys. I know you want to make as much money as you can, while you can. I know you want to feel the satisfaction of playing in a big league game, to win a Pennant, or to Win a World Series. The thing is, even though in your mind you can somehow justify the useage, it's still cheating.

So, lets have fun out there guys. Just play to win a few, give the new guys some work, and at least win two more games so we can say we did better than last year.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

I Believe Morse

I think it's unfair for Mike Morse to be put into a double-jeopardy

situation with his Steroid violation from last year. He already served his punishment at the Minor League level, and should not be punished for the same thing in the Majors. Even the damn panel knew, and believed him. However two of them felt that their hands were tied, and voted to enact a 10 day suspension. The one dissenting vote from the three-man panel came from Donald Fehr the Union President.

Mike knew he did wrong, admitted he did wrong, and paid the price. He shot Steroids due to a leg injury. He supposedly turned to 'roids as a last resort. Minor Leagues tested him, and handed down a punishment.

Now in 2005 the Major Legue test found minute traces of 'roids, not even enough to be performance enhancing. More than likely it was residual that was still leaching out of his tissues. The Board knew this, and still gave Mike a 10 day, and re-tarnished Mike's name. He's pissed and rightfully so in my book.

I pick on User, Raffy Roid, and Scary Bombs because they don't know how a banned substance got into their systems. These clowns never 'intentionally' took Steroids.......Bullshit. At least Mike is a MAN, and told the truth, well over a year ago!

I got your Back're still alright in my book.

***I have a link to the NOAA site that has aerial photos of Katrina's aftermath in the Gulf Coast.

What Happened?

We had the Game, gotta love our pitching staff, huh? The User allowed eight hits and three runs. The only thing he should be smiling about is he never allowed a walk in his five innings. However 90 pitches in five innings is not a good stat.

Thornton, Mateo, and Sherrill did ok, no runs on them, and each only allowed one hit apiece. Then we come to Putz, Guardado, and Nelson. JJ gets one hit, one walk, and two earned runs. He only pitched .1 innings folks. (retch) Nelson came in and walked one. Eddie allowed four hits, three runs, and walked one, These guys blew a four run lead, how pitiful. I look forward to the hot stove, and next year. My Spoilers suck this year.

Don't ever say the Bats won't support you User, you need to look at your own Bullpen this time. At least in your case it was a no decision.

T.S. Ophelia

I am just glad at this point Ophelia is only going to be a Tropical Storm. Although the damn thing will be skirting the very coast that I live on. Mostly we will experiance heavy rain, since we aren't on the power side of the storm. So far the storm looks to be making landfall around Jacksonville. I really have grown to hate Hurricane Season.

Operation Spoiler

The current campaign of being AL spoilers for teams in contention is now in full operation. Today saw the second consecutive win for the Seattle Spoilers. The team did a good job of bringing the A's down a notch. It's almost as fun as it would be if the Spoilers were in contention themselves.........not really. But, it is fun to screw with the other guys. After all it really is all we have left, except when it's Felix's turn to pitch.

Jo-El did pretty good tonight, and Eddie was able to pull off his 31st save of the season.

Good Job Spoilers, let's do it again tomorrow.

Monday, September 05, 2005

Felix The Cat

Felix's 2005 stats are impressive. I realize the guy has only pitched in five games. But, look at some of our other pitcher's stats in their first five games of the season. I know several had ERAs in the 5.00+ range. Felix's current ERA sits at 1.59, that is awesome. I don't know what his 2005 minor league stats are, but I'll bet if you combine all of his stats together it would still be outstanding.

Here is my opinion on the rest of Felix's season. Quit leaving him in the game for anything over four or five innings. He doesn't need to risk injury for a tanked season, does he? With the luck that this team has had with it's pitching staff I would limit his playing time and save his arm for next year. The kid has great stuff, and next year he could win a Cy Young, and be the anchor for our Pitching rotation, let's not waste that opportunity.

It's officially over no matter what the Wild Card Standings say. We have been eliminated now for a long time. Even if by some miracle this team did make the Playoffs there is no freaking way they would get out of their first series alive.

It's now time to be the Seattle Spoilers. The team should try to win more games than last year, and ruin the Playoff hopes of any contenders we come across. Sometimes being a spoiler can be satisfying too.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

They need Help

In nine games it will be official. What do I mean? Well, in nine games we will be officially out of the running for the AL Wild Card spot. Does anyone else find this as funny as me? I mean this team should have no problem losing nine games, and the AL Wildcard leaders will have no problem winning nine.

Now comes the dispair portion of this entry. As anyone who has read my archives knows, I was a displaced person (refugee) last year when my home was deemed unsuitable for living after the double shot of Frances and Jeanne hit Central Florida.
I know what it feels like to have nowhere to go.
I know what it feels like to use up my meager savings to put my family of six in a single motel room, when we evacuated for Frances, and after we found that we no longer had a home.
I know what it feels like to have to accept help and handouts from our Church.
I know what it feels like have your dignity stripped.
I know what it feels like to be bumper-to-bumper traffic for over twelve hours, for a trip that would normally take two hours.
I know what it feels like to search in vain for gasoline.
I know what it feels like to have no power for weeks.

But I was lucky. I was lucky because I had my family intact. None of us died, none of us went hungry, and we were put up in a beach Condo (which we rode out Jeanne in) by some very generous people from our Church. We lost a lot of stuff due to the mold and water damage. We had to basically start our lives over again. But we had ourselves, and that is such a blessing.

People in the Gulf States are not as lucky as I was.


Please offer clothing, money, shelter, or if anyone that reads this works for a brewery, or bottled water company, ask the powers that be if your company would be willing to offer water for the victims. If you work for a medical supply company, see if your company would be willing to donate supplies to the victims. If you are a medical professional, see about volunteering your services to give some relief to the Doctors and Nurses already there. If you can't do any of the things I listed, go give blood.

All I ask is to try and imagine how these people feel right now, and what you would feel like to be in their shoes. Believe me, you really don't want that.